What is Goal Coaching and Why is it Important?

Our FNS Program is based around our Athlete’s Personal Goals and Success. In order for our coaches to adequately and effectively create a personalized custom experience, we must first understand your goals and how we can help set you up for success. In our Goal Coaching sessions, we sit down with every athlete to dive deep into learning about the individual on a personal level, understand what their goals are and identifying potential barriers and obstacles that might hold them back from accomplishing their goals.

Why Do I Need to Fill Out an Application?

Here at FNS, we pride ourselves in being a high touch facility that puts our members and their personal goals first. We’ve had the opportunity to change the lives of thousands of individuals over the years because of our personalized program, centered around our 3 fundamental pillars of Mindset, Meals and Movement. Our mission is to “Connect People to their Passion, Purpose, Potential and Other Likeminded People” and because of that, our only interest is our Athletes’ best interests. While we welcome everyone, we are not all things to all people. Therefore, we are adamant on finding athletes who not only fit into our FNS culture, but also finds that we fit the needs and lifestyle of the individual themselves. The application process allows us to preserve the integrity of the supportive and encouraging environment that we’ve created here at FNS.

If you’re ready for guidance and accountability in a goal driven, high touch environment, fill out the Athlete Application and set up a Tour with us today!