In a society consumed with body image, fad dieting and comparing ourselves with others’ definitions of success, we want to empower our athletes to approach fitness on a deeper level. By defining what they think living a fit and healthy life means, they get to live life on their own terms and no one else’s.

The insight around our “Define Your Fit” campaign has been to start a powerful message that encourages individuals to identify their why’s, set their personal goals and achieve the success that they’re striving towards by realizing what’s truly important to them. Seeking to inspire athletes to embrace the journey, the struggles, the obstacles and everything in between, we at FNS want to support and motivate you to share your story with the world. Using social media as the platform to elevate your voice and your story, we want to empower you to participate and share in encouraging others to join in on our mission.

Those who want to engage in this campaign are encouraged to share their activity and achievements through social media, where we’ll be amplifying posts through the @FNS360 social channels and encouraging users with @ replies, reposts, and ultimately help in stimulating and driving users to keep the momentum going. It’ll be through these channels that we’ll be engaging with our community, as well as post fun challenges, updates and motivation associated with the “Define Your Fit” campaign.

Make sure you follow and tag us (@FNS360) in everything that you’re doing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and use the hashtags #FNS360 and #DefineYourFit.We’re excited for you to join us on this campaign. Remember, the most important part of this fitness journey is how you Define Your Fit and together, we’ll inspire the world!