Unlimited Customized Group Training

Voted Best in the Bay Area 2016 - Our fundamental approach to training is based around efficient movement through High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). We use a proven training system designed to increase balance, core strength, power, endurance, and metabolic conditioning. Our unique group training classes are structured to allow our coaches the ability to monitor individual effort levels using the Myzone heart-rate monitor technology. This feature allows our coaches to make real time adjustments and modifications to athletes’ workouts, providing a true customized experience with guaranteed faster results.

Goal Coaching

The first step in our FNS Program is Goal Coaching. In order to understand the needs, goals and Why’s of our athletes, every member joining our community starts with a 1:1 meeting with a coach. During the coaching session, we work with the athlete to create a custom program designed specifically to meet the individual’s desired results, whether it’s weight loss, maintenance or improving athletic performance. From there, our coaches are able to track and assess progress based on periodical check ins and body measurements taken from our In-Body Body Scanner.

InBody & MyZone Reports

The first step in our FNS Program is Awareness. By incorporating monthly body-scanning readings and daily effort level check-ins, our coaches are able to provide the highest level of agile Program Customization for every single athlete, tracking progress and areas of improvement. Our top of the line InBody - Body Composition Scanner provides a 98% accuracy reading and is accessible for our athletes to use as a complementary part of their program (a $40 value/scan). With the implementation of the MyZone Heart Rate Monitors, our coaches are able to assess each individual’s daily effort levels, both in class and through monthly reporting.

Specialty Classes & IMPACT Programs

Whether you’re looking to add something new to your programing or trying to break a plateau, our Specialty Classes and IMPACT Programs are designed to add variety while introducing fun, new training styles to your Regime.

Triple C - Video

This fusion style circuit training class is designed to increase your heart rate while working your core and strengthening overall stamina. Learn the basics of kickboxing, combined with a high intensity combat workout for the ultimate triple threat.

GRIT FIT - Video

Whether you’re getting ready for an Obstacle Course race or looking to add a new challenge to your training routine, this class will be sure to challenge your body and mind. From rope climbs, wall climbs, tire flips and many more challenging obstacles, train the body and mind for the unknown so that you’re ready for anything.


For individuals looking to get stronger and learn the specific techniques needed to reach maximum PR’s, this small group program is for you! Meeting 3x/wk, the Strength IMPACT class focuses on building total body strength and growing lean muscle mass.

Olympic Lifting

From Snatches to Cleans & Jerks, this IMPACT Series is perfect for Athletes looking to educate themselves on the fundamental sport of Olympic Lifting. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned lifting athlete, the Program is designed to allow our certified coaches to work closely with each athlete, adjusting and modifying as necessary to help tackle each technique, while building on load, volume and overall intensity.

FemPower I – Fat Loss Focus

Our Fat Loss Focused – Women’s Only “Fempower” Program is designed to help individuals drop weight, decrease body fat and increase lean muscle, all while gaining mental toughness, emotional confidence and physical strength.

FemPower II – Strength & Performance - Video

Stronger, Faster, Leaner – this Women's Only group incorporates high intensity hybrid training focused on power, speed, and metabolic conditioning. These techniques, along with the nutritional guidance and accountability from your coach and fellow female athletes will provide the fully encompassing training regimen you’ll need to get to meet top performance potential.


No girls allowed! This “Bro’s Only” training program is focused on camaraderie, gaining strength, increasing speed, leaning up, and having fun. Combined with nutritional guidance and accountability, this program will get you into peak performance while creating long term consistency and success.

New Specialty Classes


A class specifically designed for High Intensity, Low Impact work that incorporates various tools and exercises, such as Suspension Trainers, Sleds, Rowers and Ropes. Perfect for any Athlete facing injuries or having trouble with plyometric movements, this class takes the pressure off the joints while still maximizing efficiency and results.


An hour of pure lifting! This specialty class will focus on increasing both volume and overall weight/load when lifting. With a smaller class, our coaches will be able to provide the guidance and education needed for any athlete to gain confidence on improving proper lifting technique and form. From basic lifts to more advanced movements, this class will add just the right about of variety you need to spice up your training regime.


Tone up and lean out with exercises designed with the female body in mind! Work the abs, glutes and shoulders to get the strong look you want by incorporating higher volume based super sets and isolated movements through both barbell and bodyweight exercises.


Improve your speed, agility and endurance with the Game Day Training Class! From ladders to parachute sprints, you’ll be ready for anything by training for everything. A fun class filled with sport specific drills and games, PLAY through movement while creating a strong sense of teamwork and bond with your fellow athletes.


Take care of your body with our 45 minute foam rolling class! While focusing on some basic, as well as advanced rolling techniques, you’ll be able to take what you learn and implement it anywhere you go. Activate certain muscle groups and learn how to properly trigger point areas of pain, discomfort or soreness to avoid injury and boost recovery.

Personal Training (1-on-1 & Buddy)

For individuals looking for an elevated level of personal accountability and support, we offer 1:1 Personal Training and Buddy Training options. These private sessions are designed and aimed to increase performance, obtain faster results and take your training to the next level.