The Fitness Industry today is filled with every possible option a person could want or need to try to meet their fitness goals. Yet, with all the different resources and facilities available, the FNS experience is in a league of its own. Here at FNS Training Center, we offer an Award Winning, 5-Star experience that’s genuine and authentic and is the primary reason why we’ve been able to change the lives of thousands of individuals since 2008.

How are we different from every other gym in the industry? What sets us apart and makes us special? While most gyms only have one set program, we offer a one of a kind, personalized experience for every individual that walks into our facility. We’re more than just a gym. We are a Team, dedicated and invested in providing an all encompassing individualized experience aimed to help our Athletes achieve Sustainable Success. Our customized group training classes are designed to work for individuals of all physical levels and aimed to meet each person’s different goals and needs. Our movement philosophy is simple: We incorporate the fundamental elements of exercise, from weight training to agility and performance conditioning, in order to reach maximum results and efficiency.

But the FNS Program is more than just about the “exercises”. We are NOT a CrossFit Box, we don’t have “WOD’s” and we believe that a “One Size Fits All” program, fits no one. We are not about 30 day challenges, quick fixes, trendy gimmicks or extreme training practices. We believe in building healthy habits, one day at a time, through balancing Mind, Meals, and Movement. We focus in creating Awareness and aligning it with Strategic Purposeful Action. We are about Embracing the Process and Celebrating the Journey it takes to living a life of Freedom through Fitness. But most importantly, our members are more than just another number in class, they’re our TEAM and the Success of our Athletes is our Success. We take responsibility in providing guidance, coaching and accountability in a safe and supportive All-Inclusive environment for all of the individuals of our community. We are not like any other facility because of the Passion and Desire that we have to serve and change the lives of those around us. Experience the difference for yourself and join our Team today!