The second you stop learning is the second you put yourself in a position to start losing because you aren’t allowing yourself to discover your upmost potential in life, career, relationships, etc.

The desire to learn is the ability to be coachable.

Take a moment and look at the greatest athletes in the world. They are constantly getting coached and constantly learning. They never get comfortable. They are constant students of their crafts, life, partners, employee, etc.

When it comes to learning, there are three types of knowledge.

  • What you know you know (i.e. brushing your teeth)
  • What you don’t know (i.e. build a house, build a rocketship, etc. )
  • You don’t know what you don’t even know (i.e. we didn’t think about it until it happens).

Get out of your bubble or your comfort zone to start learning. We get closed minded as what is possible when we stay in our bubble. The more we place ourselves under uncomfortable positions (white belt positions), the more we can start to grow.

When you do something for the first time, you won’t be good at it. No one is good at something they are doing for the first time. But it becomes your choice, how you want to handle it. Are you going to learn and move forward or give up?

“The best form of education is application.”



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