mile through Difficult Times

mile through Difficult Times
When in a difficult situation, you’re forced to fight. You learn to know a lot about yourself and how you handle an unfortunate situation. In the process, you get to know your strengths and potential to fight back.

Remember, diamonds are only made under pressure. It’s good to have challenges in life.

The pressure of failing should not be a factor in giving up in a situation. You got to have a positive attitude. You can fight anything or conquer anything in life with the right attitude and willingness to keep going.

Having preconceived negative notion about a situation doesn’t make it any easier. You need to dive into the pool to check the depth of the water.

A situation may look complicated at the start, but you’ll be surprised to see how stronger it makes you once you face it. You may feel mentally and physically exhausted, but when you win or learn your lesson, it will be worth it.

You don’t achieve anything with an easy life, and difficult times make you strong. So, the next time you face a difficult situation, smile and see how everything changes.

Here’s how you can face a difficult situation with a smile:

  • Look for the positives: Even in times of adversity, there are always things to be thankful for. Think about those things; they will fill you with power and positivity. It can be anything, right from your beautiful family or a well-paid job – just know people dream of having things that you have right now. Be grateful!
  • Identify what matters – Keep asking yourself, is it worth having so much trouble for? If the answer is NO, you know what to do. Do not burn your energies over something that will not last longer or holds no value in your life. Sometimes the biggest problems in our life only exist in our minds. Identify them and let go. You’ll feel much lighter & better.
  • Know your strengths – Difficult times make you aware of your strengths. Focus on them and channelize your strengths to face adversity. You’ll be out of it before you know.
  • Pause and take deep breaths: If you’re currently going through something, feeling beaten up. Maybe you don’t feel like continuing anymore and are ready to give up. Don’t do that. Pause and take deep breaths. You know you’ll regret giving up after coming so far. Gather yourself and try harder, this time with more courage and a different perspective. When you do that, you’ll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.
  • Accept and begin: You’re not perfect, and that’s okay; nobody is. Keep reminding yourself about your positives and avoid indulging in your negatives. Self-acceptance and self-appreciation will take you a long way. Practice them more often and begin. Like Aristotle said, “Well begun is half done.”
  • Remember, some people idolize you, look up to you and get inspired by your actions & achievements. So, whenever you feel stuck in life or demotivated – think of those people. Push yourself for them and lead by example. This will contribute to your growth and the growth of people in your circle.

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