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At FNS, we pride ourselves on showing our Athletes sustainable fitness. We don’t offer quick fixes because we know health is a lifestyle.

There are a lot of reasons sustainability is important. This week, make it one of your focuses to practice sustaining your healthy lifestyle. Here’s a few reasons why sustainability is better than quickness.

Nothing good comes easy

If you take the easy road, you might see some desirable change. But will it be exactly what you wanted? Will you be satisfied knowing you cut corners?
The answer is probably no. In order to get to where we want to go in life, we have to put in work. We have to struggle and fail, then learn and grow. That is the only sustainable way to grow.
If you’re only sitting on the side of the pool with your feet in the water, you might enjoy it for a while. Eventually, though, you’re going to want to dive in.

Nobody wants to go back to the start

Once you put the work in, it’s going to be easier to sustain the results than get them back if you lose them. The reason is you’ll know what it takes to get those results. It is hard.
Losing your results is disheartening. You feel like you put in a ton of work for nothing. Accomplishment seems so far away. So, work hard now to sustain.
At first, it’s hard to stick to your routine. It may feel easier to just throw in the towel, take a few weeks off, and start fresh next month. It’s not easier. The choices you make today will make your life easier or harder in the future. Choose wisely.

You can build on a solid foundation

If you’re always reaching for the quick fix, your foundation will not be stable because you don’t know what it takes to get to real results.
After some hard work, you’ll have that foundation. You’ll be disciplined enough to take on new challenges because you know how you work, what motivates you, and what you want.

You will achieve things you’ve never thought of

Right now, your goals probably seem like they’re insurmountable. You probably feel like when you get there, you’ll be satisfied. That isn’t how our brains work. More often than not, we end up wanting more.
Before you know it, your goals will be achieved. You should celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Pretty soon, though, you’ll be asking yourself, “what’s next?”
That’s when you set the next bar. Your next goals will be so lofty that you probably can’t even imagine them now. Without sustained success, though, they’ll remain impossible.


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