Your 90-day bucket list plan

Let’s update your plan. It’s time to upgrade your commitment.

Keep your commitment strong for better results & faster success. This will make you more productive & disciplined as you refuse to give up or give in. You are more likely to succeed when you are out of your comfort zone. The level of success will also be based on how much you believe in yourself.

“There’s a difference between interest and commitment. When you’re interested in doing something, you do it only when it is convenient. You accept no excuses when you’re committed to something – only results.”

-Ken Blanchard

So, commit yourself to your goal, and work towards achieving your dream. You don’t care about the cold or rain because, when you’re genuinely committed, you are ready to defy everything, breaking all barriers and pushing through anything in your path towards success.

When you reach this state of mindset, understand that the goal has transformed into your passion. And when passion becomes our drive, we are ready to do anything it takes.

Let’s make your drive towards success achievable with your bucket list plan.

As you build your bucket list, think of what aligns with the cause more than the interest, as passion naturally follows it. See, what you do will not always fill your PURPOSE bucket, and there will be moments when you do not have the passion for following it, but you get fulfillment when you do the things you do not want to do.

Take this as an example, there are skills you want to achieve, but we do not always start with passion when we do it. As we make strides toward accomplishing this goal, we get fulfillment, and the commitment to continue to do it- is the cause; the purpose of doing this skill will give you passion.

When you get better at doing things you do not want to do, you will love it more when you understand how to do it.

Before you can be more, you MUST give more and DO more.

Ask yourself: what do I need to give more of?

Maybe we need to be more consistent, give more time, give up certain habits, self-doubt, etc.

Action Item:

1. Complete the 90-DAY DO MORE BUCKET LIST sheet

2. Focus on your purpose for your goal


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