Why One Should Make Time for Recovery?

Why One Should Make Time for Recovery?
Every time after a workout, you tire out muscles leading to microscopic damage to muscle cells. This results in muscle growth, fat loss, cardiovascular health, better health, and many other health benefits.

However, you must take proper measures to recover efficiently. Along with a healthy diet and adequate exercise, take some time out for recovery to take your fitness journey to the next level and achieve sustainable results.

Giving your body breaks for recovery and repair is crucial for progress, irrespective of your fitness level.

Train hard but rest harder. Your body needs a rest day too. Skipping rest days can cause overtraining or burnout.

Pushing yourself for regular workouts is important. But, so is recovery. Remember, more isn’t always better.

Here are some of the reasons why you must make time for recovery:

1. Reduces Risk of Injury

Say you do lunges start of the week, and the next day you do the same exercise. Your muscles will not be as active as the day before, leading to strained muscles and injury.

When your body is overworked, you’re at risk of falling out of form, dropping weight, taking a wrong step or experiencing repetitive stress & strain.

Not taking rest increases the injury, resulting in you taking more rest days than planned.

Regular rest helps you to be safe during exercise and gives you proper time out before you get back at it and push your limits.

2. Helps You Get Stronger

It may shock you a little, but your muscles get stronger when you rest. Microscopic tears get created in your muscles after a heavy workout.

That sounds like bad news, right? But it isn’t. In fact, your muscles grow, and your immune system starts the repair process. After this, muscles heal, they’re stronger and fitter than ever.

So, the next time when you start working out, your muscles outperform than the last time. Then again, you recover, heal and get back stronger. Following this process over a long period gives you results you never expected.

Sadly, people don’t have proper knowledge, so they don’t give time for recovery, thinking it would weaken them. But in reality, it’s precisely the opposite. Now that you know spread the word and ask people to heal to get stronger.

3. Improve Your Performance with Proper Sleep

Sleeping is one of the most important and underrated forms of recovery.

As per studies, about 7-9 hours of sleep contribute to muscle growth.

When you are sleep-deprived and still try to work, it may seem challenging to do a regular workout. And this could result in overcompensation leading to the risk of injury. In such a case, pushing yourself is out of the question.

Your hormone profile and endocrine system perform when you are asleep. While your endocrine system release testosterone and growth hormone to help your muscle to repair. This is one of the significant reasons an individual should sleep adequately.

Get a good mattress and pillows, keep your gadgets away from your bed and follow a sleep schedule to get improved and sound sleep.

Keep in mind contradicting the belief that rest or good sleep leads to less fatigue, increased energy levels, and good workout sessions.

So, next time don’t forget to keep proper sleep at the top of your workout schedule.

The definition of a perfect rest day differs from person to person and solely depends on your lifestyle and routine.

However, including rest days in your workout routine is highly recommended by fitness experts, and there are standard guidelines for the same.

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