When it comes to recovery, taking the time to put the daily work into your self-care is imperative to your results. It’s not the occasional massages you get because you’re so sore or the tune-up visits to the chiropractor (although those are helpful). Instead, the only way to get better at recovery and increase your mobility is by doing it every day.

Today, we’ll talk about 3 different ways to improve your flexibility and mobility.


Stretching is one of the most well-known athletic habits. However, most people don’t stretch consistently because it can be uncomfortable, painful, and boring all at the same time.

Stretching can improve your muscles’ flexibility, help with the range of motion for your limbs or joints, reduce stiffness and soreness, and help you prepare for different athletic activities.


Foam rolling, also called self-myofascial release, is a great way to improve mobility and flexibility! Foam rolling involves applying pressure to various points on your body, which aids in your muscle recovery and can help them return to normal function.

Foam rolling involves pressing on these pain points to slowly release the muscles, essentially coaxing them back into a relaxed state. By using a foam roller or similar tool, you can perform deep compression on tight muscles and break up the adhesions that form between various muscle tissue layers.


Massage guns are simply an automated massage tool that provides pressure to direct the vibrating head.

Massage guns can increase your muscle recovery rate thanks to stimulating blood flow and relaxing your muscle tissues. Increased blood flow also boosts nutrient delivery to the muscles that need it most.

All three options – stretching, foam rolling, massage guns – can help you improve your flexibility and mobility. This will ultimately help you feel better, perform better, and reduce the risk of injury or setback as you work towards your goals.

Using a combination of all three of these approaches will go a long way toward increasing your flexibility, mobility, and improving how your body feels every day. Just keep in mind, consistency is key here.

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