Thanking Your Team

It’s almost Thanksgiving, so now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to give thanks for. Chances are, the people in your life are going to be at the top of that list.

We all have our teams of people who have been behind us every step of the way. We all have mentors and coaches who have guided us to where we are today. We all have the people who served as an inspiration to us in times of darkness.

This year, make sure you give thanks to your team. You are who you are, in part, because of them. Here are a few ways you can think about showing gratitude:

Show them

Actions speak louder than words, as they say. Showing people who have helped you that you are thankful is important. In fact, it’s required if you want to receive help in the future.

Showing you’re grateful to someone can also mean taking the opportunities and advice that are given to you. Nothing is worse than giving advice to someone who then does the opposite of what you said. It makes you not want to give them more help.

Make time for your team. Tell them how your journey is going. Show them how you are succeeding and what parts of your success they helped with. Make people feel good that they helped you out. Give them something to show off to others.

Gift them

Everybody likes receiving gifts. When someone does something for you, giving them a token of your appreciation is a great way to show them that you care. It could be a thank you card, a homemade craft, or anything else that shows you care.

A thank you gift doesn’t have to be material. You could just reciprocate the good they’ve done for you by doing something good for them. Maybe you volunteer your time to help them on a project, or maybe you make them some “thank you” desserts like brownies or cookies.

There doesn’t need to be a special occasion to give gifts, though this time of year is perfect for it. You also don’t need any money. You just have to take some time to think of something that will show your gratitude.

Just say thanks

From a young age, you’ve always been told to say please and thank you. That’s because a simple “thank you” is often the best thing you can give to someone who has been a supportive member of your team.

It’s hard to ask for help and sometimes it can be difficult to credit someone for your success. But hearing someone thank you for your help is gratifying. It lets you know that you are important to them and that they value your help and mindset.

It’s important to remember the value that the people in your life have to you, especially during this time of the year. Your team is always behind you. Let them know that you have their back as well.

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