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“During these uncertain times we are all searching for something that brings us back to our norm. FNS and their online training programs gives its athletes that sense of normalcy. It gives us the connection we all need right now. Not to mention the push to stay active and to keep working towards our goals. It’s also amazing to know our efforts are making an impact on our son. He made it through the whole workout and he feels so accomplished and happy. FNS is more than just a gym or a workout, FNS is spreading the positivity one workout at a time and for my family and I, I am so grateful for that. “

 – Aaron Torrez (San Jose, CA)

When I first heard about the FNS online classes I was a little nervous. I did not like the thought of having to be on video but I tried one and I have participated in about 4-5 a week since. I thought the video would make me uncomfortable but it was actually encouraging to see everybody working and it was fun to be able to interact with the coaches. I really appreciate how flexible it is. There is zero commute time and I get to have my daughter with me the whole time. It has been fun to watch her copy the exercises and engage with the coaches and other athletes.

– Aleece Nyland

When I found out we were getting shut out from the gym with a shelter in place order, I immediately panicked. “How am I going to get my workout in? Home workouts are lame! How am I going to stay motivated?

“ With all these hopeless thoughts I immediately came home and researched home workout options. Living in an apartment with minimal space gave me few equipment options aside from some dumbbells and resistant bands.

Then the overwhelming search for fitness apps that looked nothing like the fns training I love.

Feeling discouraged I figured I would have to settle with making my own workouts or YouTube. But what fun is that?

Luckily our family at FNS quickly came to the rescue with on online training forum. Not only is this forum packed with the weight based, agility focused, hard hitting workouts I love. But it’s also features my favorite coaches and friends. Allowing me to connect to some sense of normalcy amidst all the chaos outside.

The live classes fns offers are nothing like what you will find on you tube. They are motivating, intense and perfect for giving me a boost of energy.

If I can’t make one of the live classes. I can easily head to the forum and chose from a variety of classes that will be sure to give me a good sweat.

Doing all this in a small apartment living room with minimal equipment and I still get sore from these workouts. They are challenging, fun and keep me in line with my goals. Plus seeing the smiling faces of our coaches allows me to feel grateful for a body that is able to continue to move and a community that pushes me to be better.

–  Amanda Haynes

Saturday morning HH with this crew! Thank you so much Coach Brenden and Coach Christina for another 🔥🔥🔥 class! So so proud of little man again, for sticking with the whole workout today and with those 2lb dbs again! 

– Andrea Wong Souza

FNS offers an online platform that you can literally get up out of bed; go into your family room or garage and workout with others. You’re alongside many other FNS athletes and some of the best coaches you can find, literally right in front of you! With these tough times that we all are faced with, this platform has been such a game changer and such positive tool! I’ve been able to burn 700-900 calories with every class that I’ve taken with MINIMAL OR NO GYM EQUIPMENT AT ALL! All you really need is YOU and any household items you have lying around to have a really AWESOME WORKOUT! The community & coaches that we have at FNS also keeps you accountable by using social media to keep you motivated and active throughout the week with challenges and fun things to do. Overall, this has been such a wonderful tool by one of the best gyms I’ve been a part of! These workouts are so fun, interactive, creative and challenging that I highly recommend FNS and its online platform to anyone who’s looking to get active or even kick it a notch!

– Andrew Jesus (Santa Clara, CA)

“Thank GOODNESS for the FNS online classes.  If the quarantine was not enough imagine not being able to work out.  When FNS announced they were going to offer online classes, I was beyond excited!  

They have structured the workouts around “equipment” that you can find at home.  From toilet paper, iron, luggage, air fryers and bags of rice (these were a couple of my weight options). Let’s not forget kids and fur babies in the mix!   

 The amazing coaches are so good at their craft that you really feel as if you were working out side by side with them.The energy they bring to these virtual workouts makes you push harder just like class in the training center. 

My husband and I been FNS Athletes for years and although we LOVE the gym experiences at FNS Training Center, the zoom live workouts are just as awesome too! When you get the same vibe and energy from both experiences, you know you have a good thing going.  

Honestly, I have never been so consistent with my workouts as I have been in the past 3 weeks!  Thank you Coaches for the continued support and motivation during these challenging times.  It brings sanity to my day and a sense of normalcy between these 4 walls.  Love you guys!  Mahalo nui loa!

Arleen Saiki (FNS Athlete since 2012) 

Very intense. Fns is very serious about giving a good workout in the time promised.

– Carlos Mencia

1) The coaches are outstanding!
2) The training is top notch!
3) The level of passion, commitment, and challenge to grow and excel!
4) Such a phenomenal community!

At the beginning of May, I thought I was signing up for a fitness challenge, but I’ve received so much more from this awesome community!! So much love and gratitude for all of you!!

– Chinwe Esimai

Amazing family workout with Coaches Brian and Yvonne! It’s amazing to know our efforts are making an impact on our son. He made it through the whole workout and he feels so accomplished and happy” 

– Laura Torrez

Here you go Coach Brenden Hayes! Your turn on the crop top 😂! When you get two enthusiastic people with the same mission, purpose, passion and drive, this is what happens! 1500 miles away from each other and this woman already feels like family! Y’all crushed it today 🙌🏼👊🏼💪🏼 Thank you Coach Brian Nunez!

– Maggie Awad

Great coaches. Enjoy the variety in the gym of different training techniques and excercises. The team atmosphere is inspiring.

– Megan Diehl

Sharing my story and hoping I don’t jinx myself. LOL! The weekend of May 2, I was on the fence about signing up for UNBREAKABLE Challenge. I was afraid of not finishing. You see, I don’t like to start anything without finishing it. Plus, I was afraid of injuring myself. 20 workouts sounded daunting. Then I recalled what I told the members on my Saturday FNS magic show about “before joining FNS, I didn’t have the motivation to push myself” and “being able to go from I can’t – to I will.” I thought, “Well, I can’t be a hypocrite.” So for two days I went back and forth about whether I should sign up or not. Then, Monday during the 5pm workout it “hit” me. “Take each day, one workout at a time. Put the thought of not finishing out of your head, Phil and just make the decision – sign up and don’t talk about it anymore.” That decision provided me immediate mental and emotional relief. Now in my third week I begin wonder “why I was afraid to sign up?” I know that I can’t push myself too hard for fear of injury. But I’m proud of myself for jumping in. I know I’ll crush this as my goal is 22 workouts. Heck yeah I’m not stopping at 20! When this pandemic is all over and we get back to the gym, I want to have a PARTY!!!

– Phil Ackerly

No doubt training at home has its disadvantages but what an opportunity to rediscover the New and really how committed you are to your goals. The test is there to make you not break you! Train Hard & No Excuses! Not to mention, its more than just virtual classes, it’s Committed Coaches building a community of committed athletes. Setting goals and crushing them and helping people go farther and further than they ever thought! These coaches and athletes are also committed to helping community needs. Simply put making the world a better place!

– Randy Estrada

The coaches are amazing, the workouts are wonderful & creative, love the positive vibes!

– Ami Jampolis

The virtual zoom classes have been a great training platform for us to stay engaged with coaches and the community from afar. Brian and the phenomenal group of coaches continue to motivate and hold us accountable each day. They are motivating and give great feedback as if you were in person at the gym. We are so grateful to have found this community of inspiring, hardworking and fun individuals especially during this challenging time. Seeing everyone’s faces each morning is refreshing and a great way to kick start our day. Thank you for spreading positivity and optimism by showing us our true value in a time of discomfort.

– Amanda DeOliveira

The most I love about clases (since I started doing Dekafit on Fridays over IG) is that Coaches B and B are focused and they do the work. There are no talks and chitchatting, but they are still connected with the team, always motivating all the way through the workout. Workouts are planned perfectly so there is no room to think, or even sip the water and before you know it you are already in the next drill and next one and next and you are done, dead but happy and satisfied. 😄 I also love that fns platform is bringing small tips on healthy habits and how to improve a lifestyle. I would give extra attention on that since right nutrition is as much as important as daily exercise. A lot of people today still don’t have the right concept about if the food they eat promotes health or disease… and those small healthy tips can guide them in right direction. You are all great guys. I wish your training center was in my town. 😁

– Ana Drobnjak

Great Motivation and keeps the class moving never a dual moment

– Amy Merlino

Coaching from the heart. Challenges posed like no other. Core messages of empathy, love and becoming our best selves.

– Adriana Casas

The motivating and supportive community, professionalism, great coaching, well planned and effective workouts

– Bea Gonzalez

The amazing FNS team of coaches and the inspiring athletes inspire me day in and day out!

– Bonita Bhaskaran

The classes were awesome in person and have been great virtually. I would not have expected the success that the virtual classes are having but I have enjoyed them tremendously.

– Brett Zylstra

I like that it’s very easy and direct. For instance, during this time, I can just sign up for a 4-week session. No fuss, no muss. No big contract or someone trying to sell me something.

– Frances Chan

You provide us service through thick and thin. Great using the zoom meetings.

– Claudie Leece

I love that I can train with FNS from my location. I’ve trained with Brian Nunez at IDEA World on several occasions. Therefore I have ALWAYS wanted the whole FNS experience. I have been following FNS since 2015. The coaches are the BEST! The culture is one I support +++ plus this is how I train, crazy intense and multiple genres of fitness. This challenge is making me a better coach and PE teacher. I’m hoping there is a way I can stay connected after this Unbreakable challenge. Maybe have a lower cost enrollment option for those that live in other places??? (Hint hint) It could bring in even more revenue. I would LOVE to have access to prerecorded sessions and zoom live sessions after the challenge Furthermore, can you just make me one of the team? Also I want tshirts!!!! Allllllll the shirts! I’ll pay for them and shipping.

– Jennifer Laurie Ethridge

Very passionate and motivating instructors! Love the classes.

– Jane Tham

Online live stream (accountability) and video library). Great coaches

– Jennifer Shaw

I love working out alongside the coaches and other athletes- all their energy keeps me motivated and inspired. There are plenty of times to choose from which makes it easier to jump into a live workout when I can break away from busy work-from-home days. The workouts are innovative and help us use what we’ve got to maintain our strength and cardio from the comfort of our homes! I have been loving what you guys are doing here and it’s bean seamless. Great communication with the athletes!!💯

– Janice Reguyal

“For me and my whole family, this is much more than just an online workout. This is a community, a community in which all of us, athletes and coaches, are supporting each other. It’s about being selfless and positive and lifting each other up. I’ve never been more in tuned with my body and soul than I have since joining this community, this family.”

– Lili Ghazian

Culture is amazing and I love all of the coaches. I’m just doing online since I live in Los Angeles

– Kelly Yeargin

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. This group makes it very clear that they are there to serve you and help you achieve your goals.

– Melanie Yoshihara

I’m so grateful for FNS Training Center I love the Coaches At Fns and my tribe! The chief who leads the tribe is the one and only Brian Nunez He is a good friend of mine that played football at SJSU while I was playing volleyball at SJSU! Spartan up! 💙💛 He is one of the most selfless, most influential, inspirational person I’ve ever known. He and the rest of the coaches are ALWAYS there for you, they care about you, they guide you, they want to help you reach your goals and lead you to greatness, push you to your limits so you can become the best version of YOU!! If you’re looking for a place to grow and develop as a person/athlete then this is the place for you! Kaori Herrera and Lacey Maas need to join the movement! I love my tribe, I love FNS! Boom

– Kimmy Washington

The amazing workouts and the energy. I have loved starting my day with the workout and the positivity!!!

– Neena Cavazos

The FNS remote classes have been amazing! Even though I’m in a virtual class, I can feel the energy and the coaches are still personalizing the workout by calling out our names and correcting our form.

– Mary Murphy

I found FNS early on in my high stress sales career. I had never been consistent and was looking for an outlet to blow off some steam. I didn’t have a ton of expectations but knew I needed to make a change. Fast forward 7 years later, hundreds of workouts and lifelong friendships, FNS has become a vital part of my life and my daily rhythm.

When the spread of COVID-19 started in the Bay Area, I knew the implications could be devastating but never imagined living in the world we are in today. Almost abruptly my daily routine was uprooted. My office shut down, my client ordered SIP and…. FNS was forced to keep us all safe… at home. Home workouts, like my peloton, had been a good backup for me when I couldn’t make it to FNS or may have been traveling but not necessarily my jam.

Knowing FNS was closed had me spinning…. (pun intended) Brian and the FNS team were quick to take action to this new norm. They had us creating home gyms with things like toilet paper and clorox jugs, and in no time Brian was in the middle of my living room leading a live (zoom) workout! In a time of uncertainty, the team brought comfort to us not only with our regular workout routine, but also by bringing the FNS community together every single morning.

Three weeks later… I haven’t missed a class! Each morning I let everyone on Instagram know what day it is, then hop on Zoom with my FNS family. The team creates an extensive full body workout and is able to push and motivate us throughout the hour. I feel incredibly grateful that FNS came into my life and blessed to be able to continue this piece of normalcy during such an un-normal time.

– Sam Yoshihara

The COVID-19 pandemic is beyond anything we have ever experienced and I truly want to thank and say how grateful I am with FNS on how quickly they were able to adapt and innovate these amazing virtual workout classes to help me get through these unprecedented times. It really showcases how invested and caring these coaches are in the Athletes’ physical health and mental wellbeing. Without the hard work they put into creating these classes to match our needs, I would’ve been even more anxious and listless stuck inside at home. Again, thank you for all that you are doing!

– Mimi Lu

Hello FNS Community! My name is Yazmina, my friends call me Yaz, and I am one of the newest members of the FNS family! Although I have always prioritized staying in shape, I wasn’t always good at being consistent. I have known Brian for years and always aspired to join his gym, but the hours never seemed to work w my crazy work schedule. Although 24 hour fitness worked w my schedule, I wasn’t as committed as I could have been. When the pandemic hit, like everyone else, I was stuck trying to figure out how to stay in shape. When the Unbreakable Challenge came about and I saw that Coach Brian was offering ZOOM classes, I thought, “If not now, not ever.” So, I signed up and I had no clue how I was going to do 5 workouts let alone 20! My initial thinking was, let me just get through this month and see where we are with this pandemic. After the first 5 workouts I was in pain! And… It felt so good! I also knew that I was headed for 20 come hell or high water! After the 3rd week, I began to believe. “I can actually do this and, I think that I will cancel my 24 hour fitness membership!” After the 4th week and 20 workouts completed, I knew I was coming back for more!! I don’t keep track of my number of reps, or my time, but I always keep track of how much I have improved and how consistent I have become. My goal has been and always will be to stay in shape, stay consistent and keep on fighting for one more pushup, burpee or rep, all at my own pace. Listening to coach Brian urging us all not to quit keeps me motivated and inspired. Every weekday morning with the 7am squad, I leave my sweat and heart on my family room floor and I am grateful and proud to be a full fledged member of the FNS family! I am about to be 54 years old and I keep on telling myself that I am going to catch up to all of you thirty somethings real soon!! Grateful, inspired and humbled by all of you!

Yazmina Letona

If I could take something good out of this pandemic, without a doubt it will be your Zoom classes. And your prerecorded content on the portal is beyond helpful! I can’t say it enough, I’m so Lucky to have an opportunity to train with you guys and every single coach makes me feel important, and so invested in my goals. Shout out to coaches Yvonne, Eurees, Coach Crazy Socks (I think that’s his tag lol) and OF COURSE Coach Brian! You all rock! Hopefully this is a long term partnership

– Olga Ryazantseva

I’ve recommended this place to several people. FNS is a very motivating Environment, from the community, the culture and the coaching. Workouts are great, the coaches are really good and so dynamic and I love that they focus on nutrition coaching and alignment with individual goals. With the new zoom classes and online training option, I love being able to work out with my husband and daughter at home on the days I can’t go to the gym! 

Nida Nafees

FNS has been a quintessential part of my fitness journey for the last year and every athlete here can attest to their tireless commitment to our well-being. But mid-March this year, they surpassed our already lofty expectations by moving seamlessly to online Zoom classes! Just as we were preparing to gain the so-called Covid-19 lbs during the current shelter in place situation, FNS brought its excellent trainers right into our homes, and transformed our garages and living rooms into the familiar blue turf we miss so much. The classes happen three/four times a day, and if you’re able to jump in during the live Zoom session, you’re in for the perfect sweat session with brilliant demos from the coaches and continuous encouragement to keep you going. If work or other commitments keep you busy at those times however, the sessions are recorded so you can get your calorie burn on your own time. From gallon water bottles to backpacks, they’ve been helping us transform our household objects into training equipment and our idle hours into productive workouts. Can’t thank FNS enough for truly not letting fitness sleep during this crucial time!

Madhura Kamat

Fantastic staff, always looking out for its members and making them feel at home. Even though I’m no longer a regular (not by choice, relocated out of the bay area), I feel super welcome every time I come back. It’s always one of the highlights of my trips back to the bay area!

– Ryo Komatsuzaki

Excellent coaches (Everyone is there to push you further beyond limits)
– Friendly team (coaches are friends here basically)
– Adaptability (example: online zoom classes during the pandemic)
– Motivation (Everyone keeps motivating here to push harder and further)
– Resources (abundant online Resources from workout to nutrition)
– Personal coaching (if required to improve more on your performance)

– Sandeep Gangundi

“If I could take something good out of this pandemic, without a doubt it will be the FNS Zoom classes and the prerecorded content on the portal is beyond helpful! I can’t say it enough, I’m so lucky to have an opportunity to train with you guys and every single coach makes me feel important, and so invested in my goals.   

Shout out to all the coaches… You all rock! This has been the BEST investment I’ve ever made and is definitely a long-term partnership with my FNS team!”

– Olga Sherman (Holland, Pennsylvania)

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