Living a happy, healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be hard. FNS personalized, performance-based training guaranteed to get you real sustainable results. At FNS, we create easy, simple, fun, sustainable, healthy lifestyles


In 7 Day Free Trial

Gym or Virtual, you will experience

Free Inbody Measurement for body composition (Available At FNS gym location only). Coach consultation to discover how much muscle and body fat you have and start your fitness journey plan with a guideline to what you need to do to reach your goals.
Try out 2 FNS GYM TEAM TRAINING CLASSES: 60-min In-Person Team Training Classes focused on Strength and Athletic Conditioning in a high intensity, circuit-structured program
Try out 5 LIVE VIRTUAL CLASSES: Experience one of a kind, personalized, dynamic team training as our coaches guide you through a 60-minute training session with real-time coaching cues and callouts, live heart rate monitor tracking and motivational support.
A glimpse into the FNS ONLINE TRAINING CENTER (FNS TRAINING ON DEMAND): On Demand Access to hundreds of online resources and videos, including express and full 60-min workouts, nutrition tips, recipes, recovery workouts, kid’s recess programs, mindset coaching and more! One membership price includes multiple membership (virtual and gym facility)
FNS APP: Result based training with personalized Fitness Accountability and coaching based on client’s goals, Heart Rate tracking, Nutrition, and daily coach accountability.
FNS Community Forum: Join an online group of Likeminded positive people driven to achieve their goals. ONE TEAM, ONE EFFORT!
FNS Athlete Action Plan: A free guide with coach consultation to start strong on your fitness journey with no commitment

In 7 Day Free Trial – Gym or Virtual,
you will experience

  • Once you sign up for a 7-Day Free Trial, one of our support coaches will be in contact with you to schedule your first trial Team Training class, either in-person or virtual depending on your preference.
  • Before your first trial class, make sure you have a light snack and stay hydrated. You’ll want to show up 30-40 minutes early so our coaches can get to know you.
  • After a tour of the FNS facility, we’ll give you a free, comprehensive body composition measurement using our InBody Smart Scale. Your support coach will use your results to outline a plan for movement and nutrition that match your fitness goals.
  • After your InBody scan, your coach will give you the FNS Athlete Action Plan. They’ll ask what your short- and long-term goals are and create a path for the journey to achievement. You’ll also receive a FNS Bag with a protein shake, water bottle, class schedule, team training class format.
  • After all of that, it’ll be time for your first class! Head into the gym, get loose, and have fun!
  • For the FNS Ultimate Trial, you’ll be able to take 2 in-person classes and 5 virtual classes. For the FNS Virtual Membership, you’ll be able to take 7 virtual classes.

Phase 2: FNS Athlete journey: Creating Habits for Happy, Healthy Lifestyle

As an FNS athlete, you will get the tools you need to create healthy habits and get real results that last a lifetime.

If you follow the plan your coach builds with you, we guarantee you’ll see results in your first month as an FNS Athlete.

1. Every athlete will receive a custom personal program, which includes Training Plan and Nutrition guide based on Macros! They will also do their Body composition measurement (Inbody)!

2. As an FNS Athlete, you’ll learn how to master the 3 M’s: mindset, meals, and movement. You’ll learn how to set goals, create habits, change your relationship with food, and become one with your body’s movement.

3. From there, you’ll learn how to Stack & Sustain your results. We utilize the “Stack & Sustain” method. We know that massive progress doesn’t happen overnight. You have to stack successes on top of one another. You’ll lose 5 pounds, then 5 more, then 5 more until you reach your final goal. Once you’ve done that, we’ll help you sustain your results while living Happy, Healthy Lifestyle.

4. As you go along your journey, FNS coaches will monitor your progress and help you out if you struggle. You’ll get new InBody scans at the beginning of every month. Accountability coaches will access your results and revise your nutrition and fitness plan to keep you on the right track towards achieving your fitness goals.