How to become lean?

Are you planning to get all dialed in?

Do you want to know what you can do to get your body lean and ripped?

But are you not able to?

Lucky you! We have more than one way to solve your issues!

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We all know the feeling.

You’ve been working hard in the gym, sticking to your diet and getting in your cardio, but the scale isn’t budging. Maybe you’ve been stuck like this for a week, and perhaps it’s been more like three or four weeks.

Either way, chances are you’re starting to feel pretty frustrated. When you get stuck in a plateau for a while, it’s easy to feel like you’ll be there forever. The good news is that you can often push through with some troubleshooting.

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Are you struggling with leaning out?

How to become lean?

A critical step to achieving your fitness goals is knowing how to do it correctly

  • 1) The Problem: You’re not doing it the right way!

If you’re stuck in a weight-loss plateau for a while, one of the first places you should look is your exercise movement.

  • Are you doing the training right?
  • Are you making full-range motions when working out?
  • The Solution: Improve your movement

Take a look at your current routine and ask yourself whether you are doing movements with full range motion or have been doing it with partial exercise. If you haven’t been doing it full range, it’s time to change your movement.

Selecting the right exercise program for your individual needs and goals is essential. Allow yourself to be a beginner and enjoy the process of learning how to challenge your body physically.

Already active adults and athletes should continue with progressive programs to create muscle confusion (i.e., maintaining a variety of workouts) and reduce workout plateaus.

  • 2) The Problem: Your rest periods are stretched too long

Sometimes, long rest periods are necessary. If you’re lifting hefty weights, you’ll need a 3–5-minute rest to replenish ATP and prepare for your next set.

Be honest, though. Are you resting for that long because you want to replenish ATP? Or are you sleeping for that long because you’re getting sucked into an Instagram wormhole?

If you’re resting for too long in between sets (especially if your weights aren’t hefty), you will not see the kind of calorie-burning results you’re looking for.

  • The Solution: Set a timer & boost efficiency

Luckily, the solution to this problem is pretty simple. Start timing your rest periods and make sure you’re not Instagram-and-chilling longer than is necessary.

Not only does this help you ensure you’re maximizing your rest periods and keeping your heart elevated during your workouts, but it will also help you be more efficient with your gym time.

A critical step to achieving your fitness goals is knowing how to do it correctly.

  • 3) The Problem: You’re not keeping track of nutritional intake

Start being 100% honest about what you’re eating. Use the FNS app to take note of all your food and beverages throughout the day.

We’ve all stuffed more than two tablespoons of peanut butter onto a measuring spoon to try and get away with eating a little extra. That behavior isn’t helping you reach your fitness goals, though.

  • The Solution: Do food journaling

You can measure your food or take pictures of your food and log it in the FNS app to keep track. Review what you have been eating and assess if you are overeating, eating too little, or not eating the right foods for your body.

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  • 4) The Problem: You’re over-dieting

There’s also a possibility that you’re dieting too hard and have cut your calories too low. Don’t forget; your body adapts to what you feed and do with it.

If you’re eating low calories, your metabolism may have adapted to that number. As a result, you may have stopped losing weight because your energy expenditure has decreased.

  • The Solution: Go for nutritious food

Avoiding typical dieting, like restricting carbohydrates and fats, will work in your favor. Carbs are the body’s primary energy source; healthy fats stimulate our metabolism and help maintain hormone function. Additionally, eating enough protein is vital for muscle growth and repair.

Relax a little & have this tasty smoothie!

With patience and a commitment to a healthy routine, you can achieve lasting results.

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