Improve your accountability with our 5 expert tips

Here are our 5 expert accountability tricks:

Participate in a challenge

Why don’t you sign up for a challenge like a 5k run, obstacle run, or one of the FNS challenges? These challenges are like a booster that we need now and then by motivating us to do better. Cross the finish line by training yourself harder, taking on those challenges, and beating them all out.

Start social sharing

It does not matter how many followers you have, but when you share your goals on social media, it helps you stick with the plan.

Improve your accountability with our 5 expert tips

Maintain a video diary

Record and share your fitness goals, incredible performances, power-packed lifts, & post them on social media channels like YouTube or Instagram. You can also share it in your fitness community, with like-minded people, or with us on the FNS community forum if you don’t want to make it public for the whole world to see.

Reward yourself

Keep celebrating even the smallest achievements and do something that pushes you to do more. Buy some fitness equipment or tick off your bucket list trip but do something and enjoy your rewards program. You can create a workout sheet and have a reward set for completing each goal, like lifting 10 pounds or finishing the FNS 100/1 challenge.

Keep your fitness photo journal ready every week.

When you take photos every week, you keep track of your progress rather than just relying on scales every day. Scales can sometimes be deceiving, but a photo will never lie. So, enjoy clicking more pictures of yourself and see the transformation happening…sooner than later!

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