At FNS, we’re passionate about connecting people to their passion, purpose, and potential. We want to empower you to become the best you can be, no matter where you are.

An FNS Virtual Membership brings our signature personalized team training experience directly to you! 

Whether you are a frequent traveler, or you live in another part of the world, the FNS Online Training Center keeps you connected your goals and your teammates – anytime, anywhere, no excuses. You’ll have all the resources you need to be successful at your fingertips. 

With live virtual classes, on-demand workouts, personalized programs, coaching, accountability, and more, you’ll always be on-track to reach you fitness goals.


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What you are going to get


We aren’t interested in anything other than getting you results, plain and simple. With FNS Results Based Training System, we produce more results in weight loss, body fat loss, and strength We are the BEST at getting results.

Voted the Best Health Club in the Silicon Valley by METRO Magazine from 2016-2020.

ZERO GIMMICKS –We’re not here to sell you fat-burning supplements, detoxes or quick 30-day weight loss tricks; our program is designed to help you create the healthy habits you need to lead a sustainable lifestyle, built on hard work and consistency for real, lasting results.

Virtual Training


  • 12-Month Contract
  • Month-to-Month Contract
  • Annual Contract


Virtual Team training Class packs (10 classes)


Virtual Team Training Classes

Personal Training

  • Virtual One on one Personal Training (10 Packs/ 5 Packs)
  • Virtual Buddy Personal Training (10 packs/5 packs)
  • Virtual Trio Personal Training (10 packs/5 packs)


FNS Online Training Center

FNS On-Demand!

On-Demand Access to hundreds of FNS online resources and FNS videos, including express and full 60-min workouts, mindset, nutrition, recovery, kid’s recess programs, and more!

  • Fitness Anytime, Anywhere! Easily access the entire FNS Online Training Center at home or on-the-go!
  • Fun and innovative workouts designed for all fitness levels.
  • No special equipment needed.
  • Different programs to challenge your Strength, Athleticism, Endurance, Core Conditioning and Teamwork.
  • 100s of workout videos in Movement Library including 60 Minute workouts, 30 Minute express workouts, Mini Circuit workouts, and more available whenever and wherever you need them!
  • Exercise with the whole family with Kid’s Recess Workouts
  • Relax your body with Yoga and Recovery workouts
  • Eat healthy with nutrition resources such as recipes, shopping lists, meal prep ideas, and more!
  • Keep your mind strong and positive with the FNS Mindset Library

FNS Online training Center helps you create your Happy, Healthy Lifestyle!

Coaching and


With the FNS Virtual Membership, you’ll have full access to our entire coaching staff and exclusive private accountability group

Our experienced, elite coaches will be in the trenches with you every step of the way.

We’ll make sure you have the program and strategies personalized for your goals and lifestyle needs.

With the FNS App, FNS Coaches will monitor your progress and provide you with real-time feedback, guidance, and support.



Create a healthy relationship with food and nutrition through education and execution.

Our sustainable nutrition strategies will not restrict you or force you to give up the foods you love

With the FNS Online Training Center, you’ll have access to resources like healthy shopping lists, sample meal plans, delicious recipes, and much more.

With the FNS App, FNS Coaches will monitor your meals and provide you with real-time feedback, nutrition guidance, and support.

FNS Digital Resources

FNS App-Real Time Feedback

Track your workouts, nutrition, and progress with the FNS Mobile App (powered by Nuvita CorSync)

  • Heart Rate tracking during workouts (using MyZone or Nuvita Heart Rate Monitor).
  • Real-time feedback from FNS Coaches during live workouts.
  • Meal timing and quality monitoring with Accountability Coaching
  • Integrated body-fat scale to track your progress (scale available for purchase).
  • Recording measurements and progress photos.
  • 1-on-1 messaging with FNS Coaches for feedback and accountability
  • 24/7 communication with Coaches and other Athletes with the FNS Coaches Feed
  • FNS Community Challenges monitored through the FNS App

Both Athletes and FNS coaches have access to the FNS App. We’ll celebrate your wins and help you make changes to your specific program when you need them. Your goals are our goals, and we’ll personalize your programs, keep you motivated and find out what’s best for you.

When you succeed, we succeed.


Body Composition Testing

InBody Body Composition Assessment

At FNS, we give you results-based training. Using InBody Testing we measure an Athlete’s body fat and muscle mass to gauge where they are and help them get to where they want to be.

It’s quick, easy, and highly accurate. The results tell you what you’re made of. Based on this data, we’ll help you set goals to target the areas that you want to see improve.

Your progress can be checked weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on your preference.

Based on the InBody Results, Nutritional (calories and macronutrients needed) and Movement (workouts) guidance is provided to the Athlete by FNS Coaches.


Goal Coaching

Nutrition Guidance

Coach Accountability

In body testing

Customized and personalized workouts 

FNS Virtual


FNS offer personalized, purpose-driven, and performance-based training. Our training is designed for fat-loss and lean muscle development.

Take the guesswork out of exercise with live coach-guided workouts. Our coaches will monitor your real-time heart rate in order to give personalized feedback.

Looking for something on your own time? We have 30 and 60 minute on-demand workouts that can fit into any busy schedule.

Our science-based, innovative, and creative programs are guaranteed to give you a fun, effective, and efficient training experience.

  • FNS Virtual Membership (Virtual Team Training Classes) can be bought as Monthly Membership or Annual Membership or Class Packs (5 packs or 10 pack). FNS Virtual Team Training Class packs are valid for 6 months after purchase
  • Access to the FNS Virtual Membership that includes FNS Live Virtual Classes and FNS Online Training Center (On-Demand Library of Mindset Videos, Nutrition Resources and Recipes, tons of 60 mins, 30 mins, Express, Mini, Kids Recess workout videos and other resources)
  • Functional Virtual Team Training Classes incorporating strength, conditioning, & HIIT
  • One-on-one personal goal coaching (Depending on the type of membership bought)
  • Customized programs designed to help you meet your goals
  • Unlimited InBody Composition Measurements (if access to Gym location)
  • Mind, Meals and Movement coaching, education, and accountability through FNS APP
  • Track your Mind, Meals and Movement progress through FNS APP
  • Access to FNS Community group
  • Heart Rate tracking during workouts (using MyZone or Nuvita Heart Rate Monitor) and real-time feedback from coaches


  • Drop-in Classes can be applied to any FNS Virtual Team Training Class
  • Pay individually for each Team Training Class without committing to FNS Virtual Membership
  • No long-term commitment
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Access to locker room & shower amenities
Personalized FNS Virtual

Personal Training

We aren’t interested in anything other than getting you results, plain and simple. FNS programs are  Results Based. We produce results in weight loss, body fat loss, and strength gain. We are the BEST at getting results.

  • One-of-a-kind, personalized, dynamic personal training experiences. Our coaches guide you through a 30 min or 60-min training session with real-time coaching cues and callouts.
  • Flexible to your schedule
  • Class packages are valid for 6-months after purchase
  •  Coaching feedback and accountability
  • Track your progress, workouts, and nutrition through the FNS Mobile App (powered by Nuvita Corsync)
  • Heart Rate tracking during workouts (using MyZone or Nuvita Heart Rate Monitor) and real-time feedback from coaches
  • Nutrition guidance and tracking of meal timing and quality
  • Integrated body-fat scale to track your progress (scale available for purchase).
  • Recording measurements and progress photos.
  • Inbody (body composition) available at FNS Gym location
  • Access to FNS Community group




Core Conditioning

Team work