Everyone has their own fitness journey; it differs from person to person. Everyone has their fair share of ups and downs, good days and bad days, but the last thing any of us need is somebody holding us back or bringing us down with too much negative criticism or lack of motivation.

You need a supportive team to push you there to be truly successful. Everybody needs that, and it does not have to be an actual team. Your team could be your spouse, partner, friend, or anybody else who helps you reach your goals. But you cannot have a supportive team if you do not know how to be a teammate.       

It can be challenging.  

Naturally, we are inclined to think about ourselves and our goals. It is not a bad thing; it is just how it is. We as humans can sometimes struggle to motivate others when they need it, and it is hard to see from a perspective other than our own.   

Like anything good, becoming a supportive teammate whom people look to takes hard work, commitment, and intentionality. It would help if you decided that you want to improve by assisting others to improve.  

It is a good feeling to see somebody you love to succeed, and it is worth working on yourself to help them reach their goals.   


How to be a good teammate?  

If you have someone in your life that you think could use some gentle team inspiration, here is how you can do it.   

1) Goals  

Talk about your own goals.   

This one works for you and them.  

On the one hand, talking to people about your goals is holding yourself accountable. When you speak your dreams into existence to others, you will be more likely to work for what you want so you do not let them down.    

On the other hand, think about how inspiring it is to hear someone talk about what they want and how they will do everything to get it. You could be that for somebody, and hearing about your goals could inspire them to consider their own goals and motivations. You may learn about some shortcomings in the past that you have already gone through or vice versa.   

A conversation about goals could lead to something more.  

Maybe you have scheduled goal check-ins that keep both parties accountable. Perhaps it leads you to reconsider your plans and tweak and transform them. Overall, conversations about goals are great ways to grow, inspire and motivate.    


2) Compliments  

Compliment others on their success   

Who does not like a compliment.  

If anything, the occasional discomfort from receiving compliments results from not getting enough compliments. Sure, you need to earn praise, but there is no harm in throwing some niceness towards someone who has been busting their butt to get better.    

When you see success, it is nice when other people notice, and it can motivate you to continue building consistency and growth. When you notice someone considers success in the goals you have talked about, let them know that they are doing a great job.  

Tell them how they are inspiring you to work on your goals.  

They will feel great and feel great (and maybe you will get a compliment, too).   


3) Show & Lead  

Show them how you work    

Whether in the gym, at work, or anywhere else, showing someone your process can do wonders for you both. Like talking about your goals, this works for all parties involved.    

Seeing how other people things a great way do is to reevaluate yourself and others. Think about doing a squat. It is hard to point out flaws in your form when you do it alone. Having a second pair of eyes gives you more opportunities to fix defects.    

If you are more experienced than your teammate, take this opportunity to show them what you do and how you do it. They may not even know where to start. Lead them and share- what you know, and talk about your experiences.  

Share with them about the mistakes and how you rectified them.    

Working as a team is more fun than doing things silo. Think about the bond that grew, all those laughs, and the friendly competition that comes with working together to achieve goals.


4) Motivation  

Figure out what motivates them   

Each person has their own different need for motivation.   

Some may be highly self-motivated, others might need a gentle push in the right direction, and a few might require tough love.    

When you are a part of a team, you will realize what kind of motivation your team needs.  

Communication is the key, and it is one of the critical factors here.  

Tell your team how you respond and ask if you can help.   

When all are on the same page, it is easier for everyone to stay involved.   

No one will have a bad day if people know how to get them going. If your team is a goal-crushing machine, then motivation is the fuel. You must know the right energy to give to every part of the machine to run correctly.   

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