Do you practice self-care?

Now that we have got accustomed to the ‘new normal’ making a routine in our lives, we must have experienced many changes in our personal space. Maybe there seems to be some uncertainty about what’s next in life or overwhelmed with pressure & schedule changes.

Let’s pause and breathe. Think for a second and ask yourself:

Are you ready for significant changes to happen?

Is your energy level prepared for the new shifts?

This is why we are going to dive in hard this month and ensure that you are charged up, ensuring that you are getting the self-care you need so that you are playing at the potential and the optimal space you need to be playing at for yourself first.

We know this big change will make a big impact on your life.

So, let’s take a step back and empower yourself for this new opportunity!

What is the 4-A Approach to Self-Care?

Take care of your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health with the formula it sets us up to take those practical applications.

Take a look at the 4-A approach to Self-Care:

1. Awareness

In the 4-A approach to self-care- the first one is Awareness. We just need to understand where we’re at right now. We need to understand if things aren’t going well. We don’t know if we’re stressed out

  • Understand vs. Judge.
  • Do not place guilt on yourself.
  • Try to be objective and factual.

Let’s be objective.

Well, this, that, or the other; it’s just the facts. So, we want to bring awareness to any aspect of those four categories that we feel that we’re struggling with.

2. Assess

The second thing is we want to Assess. We want to assess what’s going really well right now. Let’s try not to compromise our self-care if ever we go down.

We focus on what needs work and our weaknesses, but let’s shift to the assessment phase.

Ask yourself:

  • What is going well?
  • What needs work?
  • Where are you falling short?

Let’s focus on what’s really going well; that’s called perspective.

Don’t just focus on the problems; and we want to have perspective.

3. Adapt

So, let’s assess the situation. Think: where am I falling short?

Where are some things that I can start doing a little bit better, and let me just assess those again with no guilt, no judgment, no shame, and just assess those as the third party as possible and objectively.

The third thing is to Adapt. When it comes to adapting- it’s about a game plan.

Put a new game plan in place.

  • Game Plan.
  • Break your script.
  • What might have worked for you over the last 3 months might not work anymore.

And so, that’s where we have to adapt. We’ve got to put a new game plan based on our current situation and our ideal goal of what we’re trying to get to. And in that process, when we adapt, we break the script. Adapting means- definitely doing something different than what was done previously. Let’s find out what works for us and what does not.

4. Act

Charging yourself up with the last A – Act.

And the act is what you are willing to commit to and what are you ready to sacrifice.

And that sacrifice- what are you willing to say no to, and this is taking action.

  • What will you commit to?
  • What will you say NO to?

Both are significant actions, and the second one is always the hardest one.

From that action standpoint, it’s always the hardest because saying no to people is the toughest.

Take a piece of paper out and go through each A and write an action plan for your next move.

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