Fitness on the Go: Travel Workouts

Are you one of those who want to stay fit, but your travel plans keep getting in the way? Maintaining a fitness routine can be daunting, especially on the road.

Whether you’re on a business trip or a vacation with the family, staying away from your regular gym might take a toll on your fitness. Also, the probability of falling for “will I ever lose all my gains?” despair increases in such a situation.

While holidays are fun for many reasons, relaxing for too long might put all your efforts down the drain.

Let’s be honest, you will have all your favorite cuisines, stay up late and relax in the pool or rejuvenate in a salon. In such a case, finding the time to work out is impossible.

But there are still ways using which you can actually have all the fun without guilt.

Achieve fitness on the go with:

  • Walking: How much ever busy traveling keeps you, finding half an hour for a good long walk is quite manageable. It helps you burn a decent number of calories, build leg muscles, better your mood, boost energy, and strengthen your heart. All you need to do is take out 30 mins from your day. You can have a playlist to make it interesting or to put you in exercise mode. Easy right? So, next time you travel, don’t forget to pack your sports shoes and take some time out for a long walk.
  • Yoga: Starting your day with some yoga sets the mood for your day. While holidays can be stressful with everything, you want to do. It’s always great to reduce stress, relax, and burn calories with yoga. This also helps your body to recover and reduce inflammation while improving the quality of your sleep. Try finding a yoga partner to keep you accountable even when you feel lazy or demotivated.
  • Body weight workouts: Body weight exercises like dips, pullups, squats, and pushups are great to keep your fitness goals on track. Now, the trick is to find the right time. You can start your day a little early or dedicate some time in the evening to these exercises. They are manageable and easy to perform and also help you to build muscles, shed some extra holiday weight, and get stronger.
  • Interval training: Internal training is something that allows you to alter intense exercises with short periods of rest. Get health benefits including muscle building, burning calories, elevating heart rate, and cardiovascular endurance.

However, being rigid about trying to pull off the exercises you usually do or the fitness routine you follow might suck the fun out of exercising. Remember, the key here is to not miss out on your fitness routine even while having fun. So, you must adjust and make the most of what you have. Performing the mentioned exercises will help you keep on track and, at the same time, will not spoil the fun of holidays or take much time off your business trip. It’s all about how badly you want to be consistent and dedicated to staying fit. If you are strong-willed, nothing can stop you, and you will always find a way.

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