7 helpful tips for sticking to your diet

7 helpful tips for sticking to your diet

We all know that being truly healthy starts in the kitchen. Starting to eat healthily is the easy part. The hard part is sticking to it day-in and day-out. Consistency is key here. It is the only way to truly see healthy, sustainable results that will improve your energy, performance, and overall long-term health.  

It’s okay to slip up sometimes. Nobody is perfect (and food is delicious). It’s also okay to admit that it isn’t easy. 

If you struggle with diet consistency, here are 7 helpful tips to keep you on the right track.

  1. Be realistic 

Likely, you aren’t going to have a six-pack after one month of dieting. That takes time. Your goals, especially when you’re just starting, need to be a lot easier to obtain.   

When you set challenging nutrition goals, it’s easy to get discouraged and drop out of a weight-loss program. Instead of trying to lose 15 pounds in a month, aim for a pound per week. It’ll take longer to reach your end goal, but you’ll pick up habits along the way that will make your results last forever. 

  1. Track your progress  

This is a great way to motivate yourself and recognize that what you’re doing is working. Log what foods you eat, markdown your exercise progression, and have weekly progress check-ins (like progress photos or weigh-ins).   

Tangibly seeing the results is one of the best ways to ensure that you don’t get discouraged. It’ll also help you find areas to improve if you don’t see the results you want or hit a plateau. Would you mind taking it as a challenge but remembering to be honest and kind with yourself?  

  1. Keep unhealthy foods out of the house 

Free cheese is always available in mouse traps. It’s tough to opt for some fresh veggies in the fridge when chips and cookies are in the pantry. Get them out of there! It’s challenging to eat healthy when unhealthy temptations surround you.   

Find alternatives that you enjoy that you’ll like. Focus on foods that are higher in fiber and protein that will keep you fuller longer. 

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  1. Pack healthy on-the-go snacks

During the busy rush of daily life, eating healthy can be difficult and inconvenient. It’s much easier to go through the drive-thru than stop and make a salad. Therefore, it’s essential to pack your snacks ahead of time.   

Bring things with you that are high in protein, like jerky, nuts, hardboiled eggs. Find other things you like that won’t spoil throughout the day. These will keep you full throughout the day, so you don’t have to stop and grab something unhealthy that won’t satiate you. 

  1. Plan a cheat meal

It may seem counterintuitive but planning a cheat meal is a great way to keep yourself motivated to make healthy choices. Chugging along with no reward insight is difficult.   

The key here is not to go overboard. Please don’t make it a cheat day. It’s just a cheat meal. Pick one food you don’t usually eat and have that. Mark it down on your calendar and enjoy it when it comes. Then, continue your healthy lifestyle. 

  1. Get a Partner 

Accountability is essential for any goal. Healthy eating is no different. Having someone who can push you to make the right choices when you don’t feel like making them can be hugely beneficial. Going through things alone is way less fun.  

Find somebody whom you trust. They may have different goals than you but holding each other accountable will help you both. You can work out together, prep meals together, or do anything else you’d like help with. It will boost morale and make the entire journey more fun. 

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  1. Think about the long-term  

Too often, we think about dieting as something temporary. You go on a strict diet for weeks, see some results, and then return to your old ways. What happens then? Usually, those results fade just as quickly as they came.   

Having a healthy diet is not just about losing weight. It’s about being healthy. Focus on making the right choices daily. Use the tips in this list to put you in the mindset of eating healthy. Eventually, these healthy choices will turn into healthy habits. You’ll lose weight, you’ll have more energy, and you’ll see improvement in areas you didn’t know could improve. All it takes is practice, consistency, and commitment to yourself. 

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