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A lot goes into planning a workout, especially if you’re committed to your fitness goals.  

As a part of that effort, we need to understand the meal and its nutritional values. Consuming the proper nutrients before and after the workout is vital for our body growth and stamina.  

To help you with the best guidance, here’s your meal planning with detailed nutritional properties.  

Pre & post-workout meal planning is crucial to balance the glucose concentration in our body, and also it boosts athletic performance.  

The workout diet:  what to eat pre and post exercise? 


It’s best to eat 1-2 hours before your workout and keep the meal to between 300- and 500 calories of healthy carbohydrates. Try not to eat meals right before you begin a workout:   

  • Oatmeal   
  • Banana   
  • Yams   
  • Whole Wheat Toast   

Eating after a workout is equally crucial.  

Let’s understand a good meal after a workout that can enhance our body. Our body uses most of the glycogen during workouts, especially during high-intensity workouts, and this is the root cause of broken or damaged protein in the muscles and the partial depletion of glycogen.  


The best time to eat post-workout is 20-60 minutes after you’ve finished so that your body uses the nutrients for recovery. Mix proteins with healthy carbs and stick to around 400 calories:   

  • Chicken and Brown Rice   
  • Wheat Toast and 1 Egg White   
  • Yogurt and Almonds   
  • Protein Bar  



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