Three Breakfast Meal Prep Hacks

Breakfast – the most important meal of the day.

Getting your day off to a healthy start is incredibly valuable. Eating a nutritious breakfast is one of the best ways to do that.

Because of our busy lives, we often resort to meal prepping. That can be a pain. Here are three breakfast meal prep hacks and ideas to make your mornings delicious:

1) Grab and go: burritos

For a lot of people, the morning can be a rush to get out of the door. In times when we don’t have the time to sit down and eat, we need an option to grab and go.

Breakfast burritos that can be quickly reheated in the microwave are the perfect grab and go meal in the morning. They’re versatile, delicious, and – most importantly – quick.

All you need is some tortillas, eggs, veggies, meat, and cheese. Include whatever you love in a breakfast burrito. Cook everything in the same pan until the eggs are almost done, then wrap them in a tortilla and store them. When you throw them in the microwave, everything will finish cooking and you won’t have to worry about a dry burrito.

2) Make it versatile: oats

Oats are one of the most versatile foods you can have in the morning. You can make them sweet, savory, or a combination of the two. They’re also quick to make and will keep you full for a long time.

One of the most popular ways to have oats is “overnight oats.” Basically, you put the oats into a jar with milk, protein powder, and any other topping you choose. Seal the jar and bring it back out in the morning.

The beauty of overnight oats is how easy it is to change them up. Variety can be a problem with any meal prepping. With overnight oats, all you have to do is change what you put in each jar for a different breakfast every day!

3) Limit the clean-up: breakfast bowls

Nobody wants to do the dishes in the morning (or any time for that matter). Finding a way to increase your dish efficiency is a great way to enjoy meal prepping.

Breakfast bowls are a delicious and nutritious way to avoid the clean up after prepping your meals. Cook everything in the same pan, store it, and all you have to do is wash that pan. Simple!

Try making a bowl with potatoes, eggs, ground sausage, and some low-fat cheese. You’ll find yourself excited to get up in the morning!

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