In today’s world, we hear this when increasing your protein intake can help you lose fat. While this is true in some degrees, it may not be in the way you might think.

Protein is not a magic macro because you need a balance of all three pillars to allow your body to perform best. Carbs, Fat, and Protein all play different, meaningful roles, and one is not better than the other. If the macronutrients are more, it can hurt your results, while having the right amount of each will get you to your goals that much faster.

Eating a specific nutrient cannot directly cause your body to lose fat. You lose weight and burn fat when you eat fewer calories than you need for energy, causing your body to use stored fat, carbohydrate, and muscle tissue to fuel your activities.

How does the consumption of protein-rich foods directly result in burning body fat?

Consuming different Protein sources alone will not create some magic state of thermogenesis and rapid fat-burning capabilities. However, some studies show higher protein diets can result in more significant fat loss when in a calorie deficit (and remember weight loss is not always fat loss).

For most people, consuming adequate amounts of Protein is typically more difficult than hitting your carbs and fat goals for the day. It is a lot easier to go over those numbers than your protein intake. One of the biggest downfalls to most people’s fat loss efforts is under-eating the macronutrient, Protein.

An excellent way to do that is by replacing some of your Carb and Fat calories with protein calories by ensuring that you have a protein source every few hours and every meal. It will allow you to feel fuller and be less hungry while being in the deficit.

It indicates that a high protein diet increases hormones that make you feel full while reducing your levels of hunger hormones. It makes it easier to eat less because you will not have as many cravings or desires for high-carb and high-fat foods that are not on your nutrition plan.

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