Ways to Fix Your Fitness Consistency

Ways to Fix Your Fitness Consistency 
We all must have heard it takes 21 days to form a habit. But is it just that? While it’s true in some cases. Sometimes the most important factor that we need to work on is consistency. Without consistent grit and determination, you won’t be able to complete 21 days, so forget about keeping it on for a long while.

Consistency is when something you start becomes a part of your life. Let’s say you’re trying to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Initially, when you’ve just begun, you’re fueled to reach there and make efforts to get there. You take a proper nutritious meal, drink enough water, follow a sleep cycle, work out regularly and avoid everything that’d deviate you from your path. But, after a few days, you lack motivation and decide to take a cheat meal which turns into a cheat day which again turns into a few more days and then a week. You lost the battle because you couldn’t be consistent and fell for temptations and gave up.

The story could have been totally different had you known about a few simple ways to stay consistent. But it’s never too late to fix your mistakes and be your best version.

Here are a few simple ways to fix your fitness consistency:
Ways to Fix Your Fitness Consistency 

5 ways to fix Your Fitness Consistency:

  • Find a Workout Buddy
  • Workout in a Group
  • Have Fun
  • Try Different Workouts
  • Say NO to All or Nothing Attitude

1. Find a Workout Buddy

Are you struggling to keep up with your fitness schedule? Find a partner who’d do it for you with regular follow-ups and checks. Team up with your workout buddy. Someone who’s sailing on the same boat as you.

Together you both can make a difference. Create a workout routine and diet plan and stick to it. Not only will you be more consistent, but you will have more fun than you ever had. Besides, who doesn’t love healthy competition? Help each other push your limits and grow.

Talk to each other about the issues you’re facing, call out each other on being lazy and celebrate most minor wins together.

Not only will you be more consistent, but you both will keep each other accountable. In short, changing the course of your fitness journey.

2. Workout in a Group

Fitness doesn’t have to be a lonely journey. Imagine having a group of positive, like-minded, supportive people rooting for you, helping you grow and guiding you every step. Yes, it’s possible! All you need to do is a workout in a group.

As per popular studies, about 80% of people who pursue fitness quit in the first month. The reasons which lead to it are feeling lost, confused, intimidated, directionless and demotivated. Enough reasons to quit, right?

Doing things differently makes a difference. Joining a group class helps you to connect with people who are as lost as you. Seeing them try and push their limits motivates you to keep going.

You get the motivation, accountability and support you need to achieve your fitness goals.

3. Have Fun

Fitness doesn’t need to be a tedious activity. Something which requires an extreme push and involves a lot of ‘beating yourself up.’

But it should be something you look forward to every single day. Something you want to do and not you need to do.

Yes, it’s very much possible! Fitness can be fun when done right.

Add excitement to your fitness routine by working with a partner, joining a fitness group, making a fitness playlist, and wearing comfortable and stylish fitness apparel.

It’s as simple as this. When you have fun while pursuing fitness, you become more consistent and achieve goals faster than ever.

4. Try Different Workouts

What’s your favorite dish? Can you have it every day for years? No, right? We as humans need variety, be it food or fitness routine.

Following the same routine, every day can be monotonous and boring. Start with something as basic as increasing sets, resistance, reps or duration.

Then gradually, you can try different forms of workouts. The good news is there is an end number of options. Try other things, stay excited and experience the difference.

5. Say NO to All or Nothing Attitude

In most cases, what people do is if they crave something sweet and end up having a cheat meal, they convert it into a cheat day.

Fitness is a journey, and you will have some roadblocks. But don’t let it ruin all your efforts. It’s okay if you had a burger, compensate for it by working twice hard the next day.

Giving up is easy. It takes courage to accept, “I made a mistake, and it’s okay.”

All or Nothing Attitude takes you nowhere. Don’t encourage it!

You can fix your fitness consistency by adopting a few simple changes in your fitness routine. Do that, and you will be unstoppable.

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