Celebrating small wins

Generally, we map out our whole plan, and then we map our achievement that I’ll celebrate when I reach this grand plan. The need for celebration makes perfect sense, but we should also celebrate the little victories while going to the big ones.

Here are the primary three reasons to notice and celebrate the small wins while en route to the big finish:

3 Reasons to Celebrate the Little Wins

1) Happiness

When we make progress, we feel good. Getting better in our goals makes us satisfied and confident on our route to a significant achievement. So, let’s think happy by achieving those little wins today!

2) Motivation

When we look around and realize we are falling short, these small goals help us move on and not dwell on our shortcomings and instead allow us to focus and get more confident. So, when you pay attention to this celebration, it motivates you to keep going on. It’s like a reminder that – ‘You are successful!’ It lifts your spirits and encourages you to keep creating this blazing of success and prosperity.

3) Confidence

When you allow your attention to an obstacle, you will feel defeated & powerless, but the same achievement celebration can push you to do more. You make another “confidence bank” deposit, saying, “you can do it!”

So, how crucial is confidence?

Perhaps, it’s easiest to observe in athletes. Have you heard the phrase, “He’s (or she’s) on fire.” — When an athlete is “in the zone” and practically unstoppable? Being “on fire” is all about confidence.

It’s all about the attitude, the fire, the unstoppable mindset that gives you the ability to perform unbeatably.

Celebrate every tiny victory you can so your confidence bank has the “funds” needed to meet the challenges of the day.

So, your mission this week is to be on the lookout for the little victories.

And when you notice one, pause for 15-30 seconds and really feel it.

Applaud yourself.

Congratulate yourself.

Take it in.

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