How Can You Challenge Yourself in this New Year?

The new year has started. But everything will stay the same unless you do. You got to do it differently this time. There’s no point in doing things the same way and expecting different results. You got to shake things up. Get out of your comfortable place and be fearless in achieving the impossible.

When you finally start relentlessly putting in effort and working toward a goal, you will realize you already have everything you need to reach where you want to go.

Climb that mountain, walk those miles, have that healthy meal, go skydiving and do that thing you always wanted to do. And when you finally do it, step back and celebrate! You deserve it.

Don’t wait for the big things to happen. Celebrate every small win. It signifies you’re getting there. Here are a few things using which you can challenge yourself:

  • Just begin: The most challenging thing to do is take that first step. We all plan on taking on that challenge and finally getting started at some point in life. But it’s not easy. New challenges demand sacrifices. We all seek success but not the challenges that come with it. We all see these extraordinary, inspiring personalities achieving great heights, but we don’t know the struggle behind it. Like them, you also need to work hard to get there. But first, your significant milestone will be to get started. Once you do that, you take the first step towards victory.
  • Change is inevitable; accept it: You will not always win. Remember that, learn your lesson and never repeat the same mistakes. Every failure teaches you something.

It’s okay to change your mind, and it’s a sign that you’re growing and maturing. Be open to criticism, advices and suggestions. You can’t always be correct, and listening might help you learn something new. Ask questions, accept mistakes, remain curious and take any chance to be the better, happier version of yourself.

  • Learn a new skill: Learn to drive or play the guitar, something you have always wanted to do. Procrastination won’t take you anywhere. Just tick that hobby off your list. You will experience the kind of happiness and confidence you never did before. It’s all about taking time off and making that effort. You got this, believe and never turn back.
  • Face your fears: Growing up, Mathematics was the subject we all hated or had difficulty studying. The fear of not getting things right stops us all from even trying. We never try to get to its roots by understanding the subject, asking doubts and practising it. We decide we hate it and never try again. Let this year be different. We all have something like Mathematics that scares us. Just know it’s not as bad as we think it is. Only trying will change your opinion, give it a chance and experience the change.
  • Discipline is the key: Whether you want to get fit or update your skillset, set your routine and give it all. From taking out time to achieve your goals to being consistent at it requires a lot of work. Commit to your goal and give all it takes to get there. Plan your day and follow your routine rigorously. Only you can make it happen, give yourself a chance.

This New Year, do more than stress over things – try hard. You can get there, but you must consistently challenge yourself to take on activities that scare you to experience growth.

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