Consistency: The Key To Progress In Your Fitness

The one ingredient that keeps people from reaching their fitness goals – consistency! Learn why and how it relates to losing fat!

No matter what we do in life we will not achieve the success we want unless we work at it day in and day out for months and months. The same goes for your exercise programs. You can have the best trainer in the world, and the best diet to follow, but if you do not stick with it consistently, you will wind up spinning your wheels. This can be very frustrating for someone who is trying to hit a certain goal.



Depending on your goals, you should perform some type of resistance training with weights anywhere from 3-6 times per week. The importance of resistance training is that it will help increase your lean, tone, body mass, thus giving a better shape to the body and increasing your basal metabolic rate. Muscle is like a 24-hour furnace, so we must be sure we maintain or even increase our lean muscle to keep the metabolism on the rise.


Cardiovascular activity is necessary to keep the metabolism roaring and help you burn some extra calories that will lead to fat loss. The main reason we choose to do a good amount of cardio, is that it allows us to eat more food and still make the fat loss results we are looking for. Some people who rely on diet alone to lose fat, usually find themselves losing weight, but also a lot of muscle. Keeping a little bit more food in the diet but using cardio to burn more calories will end up in retention of lean muscle while losing the fat.


Some of us are good for 2-3 days, then blow it for 2 days. This yo-yo cycle will lead to frustration. Instead of following an extreme diet plan, we would rather have you follow a nutrition plan that is moderate and once you feel you can follow every day for most of the time. Find a plan that is filled with the healthy foods you like.

NO this does not mean ice cream. BUT once in a long while, you can indulge and enjoy. Moderation is the key.
If you indulge in one or two of your meals, the day is not ruined, just start back to your diet for your next meal following.

Convenience is a big factor that affects the consistency of eating the right foods. We recommend building the habit of preparing your own meals ahead of time. This will eliminate the excuses of stopping off at a fast food place because you have nothing to eat. It will eliminate the excuse for skipping a much-needed meal. The best thing about preparing your meals is that you know exactly what you are eating and have complete control of the food you eat.

In conclusion

A consistent routine will take some time to develop. After a couple of weeks, it will be part of your everyday routine. Once you hit that level, it is smooth sailing, almost “auto-pilot.” Sure, in the beginning, it will be difficult at times to prepare all your meals, do all your cardio, and hit every training session.

You will get used to it, and there will come a point where you will not even think about it because it will be a consistent part of your daily routine. It is just a matter of convincing yourself that you can do it and giving yourself time to get there. The more time you do it, the more confidence you will develop to stick with it. So please go out there and try your best, you owe it to yourself!

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