When it comes to starting your health and fitness journey, you must remember to give yourself grace and understand that this is a marathon, not a sprint.

Our goal is not to have you lose as much weight as possible in 30 days.
Our goal is to help you create the small changes and habits that you need to lead a healthy and sustainable lifestyle for the long run.

Why? Because the faster you lose weight, the quicker you gain it back because you cannot cheat the process and expect success.

Healthy lifestyle changes take time. Studies have shown that it takes 21 days to create a habit and 30 days to make that habit a consistent lifestyle routine (like waking up and brushing your teeth). After 60 days, the process is about as automatic as it can become.

Where should you start? Below are some fundamental healthy habits that you should always start with when you are looking to become healthier, not just losing weight:

  • Drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water a day
  • Eat five servings of vegetables and fruit a day (3 veggies/2 fruit)
  • Sleep 7-8hrs minimum every night
  • Move for a minimum of 30 mins every day
  • Cut out process foods and sugar

The problem is, even if we are committed to working hard on our goals, our natural tendency is to revert to our old habits at some point. Making a permanent lifestyle change is difficult.

If you want to master multiple habits and stick to them for good, then you need to figure out how to be consistent, and our team at FNS Training Center is here to help you do exactly that! When it comes to your fitness journey, we want to give you all the resources to succeed.

If you are tired of not seeing results and want to take control of your fitness journey, join the team today by signing up for our FREE 7-day FNS Experience to see if FNS is the place for you!

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