Do You Have Any Plans for the Weekend?

Here Ends a Tough Week!

It’s that time of the week you can finally relax.

Phew, thank God it’s Friday!

Did you have a good week? Were you able to get everything done on your task list?

After working so hard the entire week, you finally have time to sit back and reflect. Relax for some time, but make a point to take some time off to think.

Reflect and celebrate. Both concepts are similar. One may be more fun in nature. But both are crucial to know where you belong and plan the next exciting step.

Reflection is the process of self-assessment, directing you towards your goals. A healthy transition allowing you to look back and be proud of your achievements is a celebration. Both require self-evaluation, honesty, humility and clarity of thought.

Ask yourself some questions and make sure to answer them honestly.

Did you give your 100%? What were your best moments? What could have been done in a more organized manner? What is your plan of action for the coming week?

What are your best moments?

Celebrate yourself! Think about the top 3 best moments of your week. They don’t have to be something big. Maybe you completed your target at work, regularly attended the gym or managed to take some time out for yoga. Congratulate yourself. Know you’re made for big things, you’re doing great and you still have a long way to go.

Maintain a journal and make a note of these top 3 best moments. Then, record the things that led you to those moments of success. It’s important to know these things work best for you and you must keep practicing them.

What could have been done in a more organized manner?

Don’t be hard on yourself. But at the same time, don’t forget to give yourself a reality check. Like you had your share of the best moments, you’re bound to have some moments of failure. Always consider failure as a stepping stone to success.

Make a note of moments of failure as well. Think about the potential reasons that led to it and plan how you can avoid these reasons in future. Know what’s tripping you up and plan your next week to avoid the mistakes. Maybe you couldn’t live up to your work expectation or your cheat meal lasted for a few days. It’s okay, we are all humans. But learn your lessons and don’t repeat the mistakes.

What is your plan of action for the coming week?

Do You Have Any Plans for the Weekend?

3 Steps to Have a Productive Week:

1. REFLECT – Know your mistakes and work on them to get better.

2. CELEBRATE – Congratulate yourself for the victories and keep doing what’s working for you.

3. PLAN – Write down your top 3 goals and prepare an action plan.

There you go, you are all set for the coming week!

You have your set of action points ready – what worked for you and what didn’t. Use them to draw a plan of action for the coming week.

The reasons that led you to success are your strengths and the reasons that resulted in failures are your weaknesses. Use both to frame your goals for the week. Let’s say you overindulged on your cheat day and failed to meet your fitness goal. Now, you know what not to do. Similarly, let’s say you completed your work target in time. Make a note of things that helped you in doing that. Work on the negatives and keep practicing the positives. There you have your PLAN ready for the coming week. It’s that simple!

Enjoy your weekend, and have an amazing week ahead!

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