FNS pro tips for workout motivation

We all know that regular exercise is essential for maintaining physical and mental health.

Countless research studies have shown that participating in regular physical activity is one of the best lifestyle choices you can make to live a happy and healthy life.

Although it is tough to fit in the time to work out when you already have millions of things on your plate, it is possible. This blog has helped some seriously busy professionals and parents implement a regular exercise routine with these simple yet effective strategies.

Try them out!

Follow these tips & tricks for staying consistent with workouts:

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

01 – What’s your WHY?

Finding your motivation to work out is essential in ensuring that you stick to your exercise routine.

Most people can vaguely describe why they want to work out (to lose weight, to prevent heart disease, to look great in clothing), but rarely do people take the time to dig deeper to discover why exercise is essential to them.

Take the time to find out your specific motivation for working out, write it down, and reflect on it daily! Put a sign on your fridge, set reminders on your phone, and keep a sticky note on your bathroom mirror.

Make sure it is peculiar and compelling enough to motivate you.

Here are some examples of how to make a specific and persuasive motivational statement about exercise.

  • Do not Try Example: I want to exercise regularly because it makes me feel good afterward.
  • Do not Try Example: I want to exercise regularly to lose weight.
  • Great Example: When I take the time to exercise before work, I am more productive, less stressed, and feel inspired to eat healthier.
  • Great Example: Exercising on the weekends is one of the most important acts of self-love that I can do. I feel empowered, energized, confident and accomplished when I work out.

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

02 – Get comfortable!
One of the biggest challenges in starting a fitness routine is the pressure we put on ourselves to perform at our best.
It’s great to challenge yourself, but most people psych themselves out from even stepping foot in the gym because they feel like they aren’t capable of doing a perfect workout, so it’s not worth even going.

The reality is that most people aren’t good at things they don’t do regularly.

If you haven’t worked out in a while, you can reasonably expect that you won’t be great at it.

Guess what, that’s OK!

Moving your body in any way, whether walking or doing a full-blown cross-fit workout, has a positive impact on almost every system in our body.

Have an open mind, start with something small, and work your way to where you want to be one day at a time!

Instead of committing to daily 60-minute treadmill runs at 6:00 am, try setting yourself up for success by making more realistic goals aligned with where you are now, and this helps avoid failures and boosts confidence to keep going.

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

03 – Do you enjoy what you do?

It is much easier to be consistent with working out if you find an exercise that you love to do.

If you enjoy what you are doing, you will feel excited to work out instead of obligated.

  • Try something new: Try something that piques your specific interest and keeps you motivated to return.
  • Go out: Getting out and exploring your environment is a great way to stay motivated and decompress. Try riding your bike, hiking, or going for a walk and notice how calm you feel after – my favorite natural anti-anxiety cure is exercising outside.
  • Join a group: Many people grow up playing organized sports but stop playing after high school. Joining an adult sports league (it doesn’t necessarily have to be sports, running groups, hiking groups, etc.) or taking lessons of your choice is a great way to stay consistent with your workouts, make friends, and have fun!

Meetup is a great way to find local exercise and sports teams and groups.

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

04 – Make plans
Be systematic and plan your workouts.
Look at your calendar and see when, where, and how much time you have to exercise on certain days.
Put it on your calendar and block off that time!


FNS pro tips for workout motivation


05 – Invest in growth-mindset

Invest in yourself!

If getting healthy is a priority, spend some dollars to help get you there.

If you are motivated by saving or not wasting money, paying for some aspect of your exercise routine is a great way to stay consistent.

  • Pre-pay for your exercise classes in advance.
  • Buy yourself some new workout gear.
  • Buy yourself a new workout gadget, like a fitness tracker, heart rate monitor, and/or exercise machine.

Paying an expert is probably the best thing you can do to effectively and efficiently reach your fitness goals.

Hire a trainer if you want hands-on help at the gym, or try working with a personal trainer if you need help staying consistent with your workout of choice.

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

06 – Get someone to join you and motivate you!
Accountability is one of the most effective ways to achieve your goals.
Try these ways to implement accountability to be more consistent with your workouts.




  • Work out with a friend or loved one.
  • Join an exercise or sports team or group.
  • Track your activity and be active with online exercise communities like FNS Nuvita CorSync.
  • Work with a personal trainer.

FNS pro tips for workout motivation

07 – Check your growth

Nothing motivates a person more than seeing progress being made.

Write down your accomplishments every month to show evidence of all the great things you have done.

It is recommended to note down outcomes and behaviors that you have accomplished, both big and small.


  • Outcome – I can now run 5 miles
  • Behavior – I schedule my workouts in advance every week
  • Result – I can make it through a spinning class without feeling like I’m going to die
  • Behavior – I wake up at 6:00 am 2 days a week to exercise
  • A small win – I figured out a workout that I enjoy
  • Big win – I completed my first 5K

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