We talk a lot about surrounding yourself with a winning ‘team.’ You have to have people around you who will make you better instead of bringing you down.

Your team can be family, friends, acquaintances, or anybody else who adds value to your life. Building your team is important.

You aren’t done when you have a support group though. You can always get better with teamwork. Here are four different ways to make your team better:

1)  Lead by example

This is the best way to lead. Most people respond best to seeing someone put the work in. There shouldn’t be any room for hypocrisy on your team. Get out and bust your butt to make the group better.

Be the first person in and the last person out. Don’t take no for an answer. Prepare properly and crush your goals when the time comes. Show everyone how strong, determined, and powerful you really are.

2)  Create a circle of helpfulness

Nobody is perfect. People on your team will need help from time to time. Take the initiative by offering yours at any time. You have valuable life experience and skills that will allow you to help when it’s needed.

Make it known that you will help whenever someone needs it. Lead by example by showing vulnerability when you need help. Create an environment where people are able to ask each other for help when they need it.

3)  Look for new things to try

Many people are afraid of change. New things are scary for a variety of reasons. They can be unpleasant. New experiences are how you grow. If you want your team to grow and get better, you have to encourage them to try new things often.

Invite people into your explorations. Show them that the world is exciting, not intimidating. Encourage change, discourage stagnation. Try something new every day, week, and month. You should always be learning and growing.

4)  Encourage open communication

This is similar to creating a circle of helpfulness, but it is different. You and your team are not always going to agree on things. There are going to be conflicts because that is how people work.

Make sure the people in your life feel like they can come to you when they need something different out of you. Be able to take constructive feedback with your chin up. Make sure you’re able to give it out too.

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