Mistakes and New Year’s Resolutions

A new year offers you another opportunity to step into a new life, another chance to fulfil the resolutions you made at the end of the previous year.

Usually, everybody makes too many resolutions thinking about how perfect they want their lives to be. Still, in this process, they make many ambiguous goals that they never even try to complete.

And during this, they end up disheartened, which is typical for any other person to do the same.

Is sticking to these goals so tricky? Let’s see why.

Common Mistakes that everybody does while making New Year’s Resolutions:

1. Making a list of resolutions that aren’t likely to work – Everyone has many desires, some of them unwanted, so they end up making a massive list of resolutions they know they won’t achieve.

2. Focusing on what you cannot control- People often commit to habits they have no control over. They must understand that they should focus on only those they have power over.

3. The reward feels like a guilt trip- Rewarding yourself seems like you’re doing something wrong, and you feel terrible when you think about yourself. When we work so hard to get a thing done, we should always celebrate the victory no matter how short the race is. A reward can be allowing oneself to take a nap or a bubble bath to relieve all the stress.

4. Pushing old resolutions in the new year- It’s pervasive to make a massive list of promises thinking we didn’t get enough time to accomplish them last year, so we want to achieve them this year. In the process, we must realize we must stop this and move on as soon as possible.

5. A fear of failure- We tend to believe that failure is something to be ashamed of, but it’s high time we learn that failure is a necessary part of any process to succeed.
Mistakes and New Year's Resolutions

Here are a few resolutions that one should have on their list to live a happy, healthy life.

1. Healthy eating – A healthy diet is vital for good health and essential to give nutrients to the human body. We think it’s too costly to acquire that lifestyle, but actually, one of the facts states that healthy eating is cheaper.

2. Acquiring new skills- Learning never stops, no matter how old one gets. A person keeps learning and acquiring new skills throughout the life. By doing this, one grows and gets capable of the changes in his surroundings, making one ready for new challenges and opportunities.

3. Getting enough sleep- Some of the most severe health issues, like cardiac arrest, stroke, or high blood pressure, arise if one doesn’t get enough sleep. One might even face obesity, depression, and sometimes other significant issues. That is why getting at least 8 hours of sleep is crucial. Getting good sleep improves one’s brain performance, mood, and health.

4. Exercising more- Regular exercising is proven to improve muscle strength and heart and lung performance, manage weight, and gives the ability to achieve daily goals.

5. Getting happy- Between so many things, one forgets to be happy, smile more often and allow oneself to have that fun. One feels like it is not okay to think of themselves. Besides feeling good, it even lowers stress hormones, eases anxiety, and improves the immune system.

6. Living a healthy life- According to WHO, healthy living is a way of living that helps you enjoy more aspects of life. It increases self-worth, decreases disease risk, and, most importantly, saves money.

All the resolutions we commit to on New Year need to be set according to our needs and ambitions and not because of peer pressure. It doesn’t matter how big or small your goal is; the only thing that matters is that you see it as your ‘goal’ and achieve it with sheer willpower and commitment. Don’t forget to stay true to your goals because nobody stands with you more than you.

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