What's your WHY

Identifying your ‘why’ is essential as your ‘why’ is your anchor for encountering obstacles and challenges.

It is your go-to source of motivation when times get rough, and you don’t feel like doing the work. Your ‘why’ keeps you going when you think about giving up. Often, the surface-level results do not form your ‘why’ — even though most people assume it is. Instead, you primarily desire a goal because of the deeper-level effects that its achievement produces.

This is your strongest ‘why.’

If you set a goal, get clear on these deeper-level results, as this forms your ‘why.’

If you would not identify your ‘why,’ you would be much less committed.

And when you are not as committed, you are less likely to succeed.

Essentially, your ‘why’ can be described as all the reasons why you desire to achieve a goal.

It is all the way your life will improve if you’d complete this goal — and all of the ways your life would be worse if you wouldn’t accomplish this goal.

You would give in to instant gratifications more efficiently, get distracted quicker, stay in your comfort zone more often, and give up much faster.

You would not be willing to invest the same amount of time and energy into achieving a goal compared to someone who knows their ‘why’ and is fully committed to their destinations.

In other words, you would be much less likely to succeed.

If you have problems committing, engaging in a group setting will be beneficial. The most feasible way to overcome commitment fears is to commit to something bigger than just you, and in a group, you will be to draw upon others for motivation and support.

Commitment allows us to fulfill our most basic needs and achieve our most sought-after dreams, giving us purpose.

However, when you are fully clear on your ‘why’ — when you know precisely that achieving this goal will transform your life — you’re committed to achieving it.
What's your WHY?
When you are genuinely committed to a goal, you do the work despite not feeling like it.

You work on your dreams even though you would rather sleep.

You defy the cold and rain for it.

You break old destructive patterns for it.

And you push through any obstacle that comes your way.

The stronger your commitment, the more likely you will succeed as you refuse to give up or give in.

You make more disciplined and productive decisions — and are more willing to go out of your comfort zone, which is what it takes to achieve success.

What's your WHY?

Achieving even the simplest of goals requires us to learn the meaning of commitment.

We are reminded of commitment throughout our life, whether it is related to personal or business purposes, and we realize that without committing, we cannot achieve anything.

Do not be involved, commit!

Doing things halfway is the mother of everything that can go wrong.

When you want your project to succeed, you invest in it fully.


Because you cannot afford to be involved, being involved means you are not committed enough, and if you are not committed enough, that thing you’ve been working on won’t see the light of day.


Elevate your life to the next level by practicing your WHYs daily as a part of your routine. Transform your life and feel the difference.

Pick your most important goal and ask yourself:

  1. Why do I desire this goal?
  2. What are the deeper-level results that achieving this goal produces?
  3. What are all the ways my life will transform if I accomplish this goal?

Write down your ‘WHY’ and review it daily as part of your morning routine to start your day focused and inspired.

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