Why Does Self-discipline Seem Difficult?

As per studies, people with self-discipline live happier lives. You accomplish more goals with self-discipline than others who struggle to stay disciplined. Rightfully, it’s a bridge between goals and achievements.

A good leader works hard to follow a disciplined life. Happiness, health, and contentment stem from self-discipline. As the new year begins, all we must aim for is to practice self-discipline; the rest of everything will follow. It will help you become more decisive and prevent impulses from leading your life.

To become the architect of your beliefs and actions, you need to work on not getting easily distracted or falling for temptations that deviate you from your goals.

There are a few simple strategies to learn the art of self-discipline. Living a happy, healthy lifestyle requires work, and you will only not know anything with a crash course because there isn’t one. It’s nothing but a set of work you put in every day with dedication, focus, and willpower.

Following are some of the simple but powerful things you can do to master self-discipline:

  • Strengths and Weaknesses: No one is perfect. We all have some insecurities, fears, and flaws. Most of the time, we tend not to go into these areas to prevent discomfort or embarrassment. But, to take charge, we need to face these challenges head-on. So, the items from the list of weaknesses keep decreasing. We gain more control and confidence. At the same time, somewhere we all know our strong suits, use them for your betterment. We know the hurdles in the journey of self-discipline we might have and the qualities we have that will work in our favor – use them & work on them.
  • Get Rid of Temptations & Distractions: Say your goal for the year is staying fit. The first thing you must do is empty your fridge, no soft drinks, no desserts, no junk food. It’s that easy. You need to remove distractions that will set you off from your goal. If sleeping on time is your goal, you can’t do it with a mobile phone on your side. You need to keep it at a distance. For the first few days, you will be lured by the distractions, but with self-control & discipline, you will get the hang of it. Give it some time and keep reminding yourself about the goal you are working so hard for. The lesser temptations you have, the more focused you will be.
  • Practice Daily Diligence: Self-discipline is not something we are born with. It requires daily practice and, most importantly, a plan. List down things you will be doing to adapt self-discipline in life. Then every day, make sure you do them all, one by one. Make the items on your list a daily routine that you follow no matter what. The first few days will be pretty easy since you are highly motivated, but you might be tempted to break the routine with time. But, with self-control, you can get there. Work hard on maintaining self-discipline through a regular dose of diligence. Put your plan of action on a calendar, make sticky notes, put motivational quotes, or whatever works for you. Remember, with self-discipline, only you can push your boundaries and reach there.
  • Find a Mentor, a Guide: If you want to focus on your health, find a fitness coach. Your coach will be the domain expert with deep knowledge about everything you need to get there. Sometimes constructive, even harsh, feedback you get from them gives you the right direction. But you must know what to seek out of it and also, at times, what part of the feedback you need not work on. The best coaches prepare you for the next level of your journey and become a significant part of your planning & execution, thereby setting you up for success.

Always remember, on the path of self-discipline, you will have some setbacks but don’t be too hard on yourself. The trick is to start back again, this time with more conviction & focus.

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