Believe in the power of gut instincts

You need to sit down and make an informed, cerebral decision about something in your life.

You can’t get through life successfully by making snap decisions about everything. However, trusting your gut is helpful when making a quick decision when you don’t have the information.

You need to make an informed decision and feel you need to get in touch with your needs.

Trusting your gut is about trusting yourself.

“Trust your instincts.

Intuition doesn’t lie.”

– Oprah Winfrey

You know what you need. It’s important to remember that nothing and nobody knows you better than you do.

Sometimes you must trust your gut.

“Gut instinct” may seem like something that lacks substance, and it’s just something people say.

Not exactly, and here’s what trusting your gut is and why you should listen to it.

“You just go with your gut instinct, because your gut is smarter than your heart.”

Gerard Way

What is a ‘Gut Feeling’?

Have you ever been in a situation where something didn’t feel right? Has a problem ever felt wrong, and you couldn’t explain why? That’s a gut feeling.

That ‘gut feeling’ has a base in human physiology. It may feel like a flash of clarity, butterflies, a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, sweaty palms, and more. The feelings come suddenly, but they aren’t overwhelming most of the time.

Not all gut feelings are harmful; however, sometimes they can affirm a positive choice you make. These come from feelings of peace, safety, or happiness.

Why do I feel it?

They may feel odd, but gut feelings aren’t random. They are signals from your brain. Research has linked some of these feelings to the gut-brain connection. As you go about your daily life, your brain constantly picks up information about your surroundings that you may not even realize.

Let’s say you’re out walking on the street. Something in you feels off, and you can’t explain why, but you feel like you need to go inside. Then, out of the blue, a huge thunderstorm rolls in. How did you know to get indoors? You didn’t check the weather, which wasn’t very cloudy outside. You got that feeling because, subconsciously, your body picked up on things like heavier wind and other people going inside.

We often think decision-making needs to be cerebral, which needs to be analyzed and broken down. Every possible outcome and choice needs to be weighed and fiddled with until we see the path with the most potential for success.

Throughout your life, you have seen a lot. You have had countless highs and countless lows. The things you’ve seen, done and felt are unique to your human experience, and nobody can take that away from you. You are unique because of this.

You are the person who knows yourself the best.

Therefore, sometimes, it’s best to trust your gut.

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