• Schedule your personal self-care time  

Example: Coach Brian schedules his Friday to Sunday for self-care. Workout on Monday 9 am – SELF CARE.

Message: Encourage to schedule your self-care time.

  • He shares what he needs, how he feels, with his family & friends, so that they can support him whenever he needs them.  

Message: Communicate what you need to those who love you.

  • He takes a guilt-free nap

Message: Intention to recharge and take care of yourself.

  • He goes back into good memories that make him remember those golden fun days he used to love and revive the energy back in him.  

Example: Like he watched “Back to the future” as he remembered watching it as a kid and loved it.

Message: Break the script and find something that makes you laugh. Tap into some nostalgia.

  • Go to places that inspire you  

Example: He went to a place that inspired (football field) him; the smell of grass brought him back to being a kid.

Message: Go somewhere that inspires you and relaxes you.

  • When you work out, work out with massive intensity.

Example: He worked out with massive intensity. Sometimes you have to sweat the funk out of you. Increasing your heart rate makes you wake up, and the support of the coaches during his workout was what he needed.

Message: Release the pressure out of your system. Sweat it out the biggest possible way, and it will shift your state.

  • Go out and get some sun-soaked in.  

Example: He gets a lot of Vitamin D, a mood-boosting vitamin. Get some sun!

Message: Getting sun has a massive impact on your mood. Be intentionally outside and soak up the sun.

  • Surround yourself with nature

Example: He gets in touch with nature. “Shinrin Yoku” is a Japanese term for forest bathing.

Message: Go for a hike and get disconnected from the technology and distractions. Absorb nature as it is a great energy cleanser.

  • Have supportive people around you.  
  • Get some good old cold baths

Example: Cold Showers and Ocean dips.

Message: Get that wake-up that you need; a shock to the body is always refreshing.

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