Why Taking Risks is Important?

If you risk nothing, then you risk everything.

– Geena Davis

Why Taking Risks is Important?

The simplest thing to do is play it safe and stay in your comfort zone. But is that what you want? Do you really want to stay in the same place because it’s comforting? Fear of the new and unknown is scary, but you’d never know if you don’t try.

Most successful people have taken risks and are successful because they are not afraid to try.

Taking risks is how we grow, learn, unlearn, make mistakes, get back up again and achieve success.

Complacency – The Biggest Obstacle on the Path of Success

You’ve come so far, but you still have a long way to go. You need to keep working hard. It’s okay to play it safe and take calculated risks. But never be afraid to follow your gut and hold yourself from taking risks.

Don’t be complacent! Remember, complacency can be the biggest roadblock in your journey. Achieving success is hard, but the hardest is maintaining the stature of being successful.

Fear of Failure – There’s Nothing You Can’t Do

As a child, Samuel L. Jackson had a debilitating stutter. He was even bullied. But that never stopped him from pursuing acting career. Despite of having a condition that inhabits speaking he chose a career that involves speaking and delivered memorable performances in Pulp Fiction, Star Wars, and The Avengers.

He could, so can you.

For people wanting to be successful in life, there’s nothing worse than the fear of failure. Don’t let your fear control you. Address your fear and take it a notch higher by taking risks. Remember failing only means you’re trying.

Change the definition of fear. Let it be your guiding force to try even harder, more strategized and more prepared.

Creative Thinking – Creativity is on the other Side of the Risk

Let us think of a hypothetical risky situation and how creative thinking helps you get out of it wiser.

Let’s say you’re going on a trek with a group of strangers without the internet. Now, to survive in such a situation, you need to find answers to the following:

  • Who are the people you’re travelling with?
  • How to be prepared for unplanned scenarios?
  • What food items to take on the trek?
  • What kind of clothes must you carry?

You have to think creatively to find answers to these questions.

When you are in a new place, facing new challenges – you need to think on your feet. The unchartered territory needs untapped creativity, new ideas, and new ways.

You’ve never been in this situation your whole life, so you have no option but to think creatively to tackle it. Finally, when you find a solution, you know more ways to fix the problems and more ways to do things. Now, you’re not as afraid of taking risks as you were before.

Self-Confidence – The New You Awaits

Remember the time you took a chance, did something and succeeded. It felt great, right? It happened because you pushed yourself to take a risk, and your insightfulness and intelligence helped you to work through it. Situations like these build your self-confidence.

It requires confidence and belief to tap into the unknown. You might also fail sometimes. But taking risks destroys the fear of failure, and the confidence you gain helps you keep going.

You will be filled with newfound confidence, encouraging you to take more risks, push your boundaries and grow in life.

You are a newer, better and more refined version of yourself.

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