The 3 Laws of Body Positivity

Probably all people want to feel good, look their best, and live a long, happy life. What do all of those things require? A healthy body.

Body positivity is a common topic in today’s world. We all want to be happy with ourselves physically and mentally, and everybody should be able to have that happiness.

Your body has been with you through it all, and you have to take care of it for your entire life. Treat it right, and it’ll treat you right. It’s as simple as that.

Here are 3 things to keep in mind to form a healthy relationship between you and your body.

Respect your body

You are completely one-of-one. Your body is completely one-of-one. It’s not a pristine, never-driven sports car; it has some dents, some dings, and some scratches from the road you’ve traveled. Your body has gotten you through your life and it has stuck with you through thick and thin, literally.

Instead of bashing yourself or your body, learn to love it. It may not look exactly how you want it to, but that doesn’t mean you’re worth less than anybody else. If you aren’t happy with your current weight, you can change that while still showing yourself love.

Respecting your body does mean taking care of it. It needs good food, exercise, and rest. Finding that balance can be tough, but once you do, you’ll feel better and have more energy because your body is ready to take on challenges.

Emphasize health over looks

Looking better is a major reason people get involved in fitness, and understandably so. We all want to look the best we can physically, and consistent exercise is undoubtedly important in achieving that goal.

The end goal of fitness should be improving your health, not just looking better. You want to live a long, happy life. That starts with exercising and eating right consistently. As a byproduct of that hard work, you’ll lose weight, gain muscle, and look better. Shift your focus to health, not just looks.

We all want six-packs, but it takes time, effort, and a total diet overhaul. If you want to commit to that, great! But if not, remember that you can and should get healthy and look better with a consistent diet and exercise.

Don’t hold yourself unrealistic standards

Every day, we see pictures and videos of movie stars, athletes, models, and all other kinds of beautiful people on Instagram, TV, and in magazines. There’s no sugarcoating it, those people are attractive.

However, they also have access to things most ordinary people don’t have, like the best personal trainers, chefs, and (most importantly) time. These people are paid to look good. Working out and eating well are part of their job.

Wanting to look good is natural and everybody has that desire. The key is to avoid expectations that you need to look like you’re headed down the runway when you’re really just going to Trader Joe’s.

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