What Builds Muscle

What Builds Muscle?

How long does it take to build muscle?

The short answer: most people start to see results within a few months of adopting a training and nutrition plan for muscle growth.

Unfortunately, there is not cut and dry answer to that question. There are a ton of variables to building muscle. Your journey will be different from everybody else.

By knowing what your body is going through when you try to build muscle, you may be able to speed the process up. Read more to find out how your body builds muscle and what you can do to be efficient.

Muscle growth process
Muscles are very adaptable tissues. When you do strenuous exercise, such as weightlifting, your muscles undergo trauma. In fact, microscopic tears form in the fibers. Believe it or not, this is a good thing. When the muscles repair themselves, they grow and become stronger.

If you want to build muscle, you have to put your muscles through some kind of strain. The most efficient way to build muscle is strength training.
You don’t have to work out for hours every day. If you work hard, you can see some muscle growth in 2-to-3-hour long sessions per week.

Protein, protein, protein. Without adequate amounts of protein, your body will struggle to repair the damage done to your muscles.

Aim to work out each muscle group no more than twice per week. Avoid training the same muscle group two days in a row.


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