The most important thing is that people should always do these acts of self-betterment for themselves, not for anyone else. And that is what this is about: Self-love.

Beginning your fitness journey is a personal choice, and it can be an emotional thing for some people. However, through the struggle and sweat and joy, there should be one emotion never brought to the front: Self-loathing.

One of the worst reasons a person can start a lifestyle change is because they hate themselves. At that point, you are working out and changing your diet for the wrong reasons, and that can become dangerous or unhealthy. Work out because you love your body, and that will start you on the best and healthiest path to self-betterment.


Why, because you are unique! You are the only person on this Earth that can do what you are supposed to do! Some people thrive on others pulling themselves apart, and you should not give them the satisfaction.

Listen, you are not perfect. No one is! That is just a fact- that everyone needs to accept. When you love yourself, the matter of your perfection falls to the side. It stops mattering, and you stop allowing it to consume your thoughts in any way. Instead of worrying about the way you appear to everyone around you, suddenly you can focus on others and loved ones and whatever it is that makes you happy! Self-love gives you more confidence in your day-to-day life as well.

The truth is that self-love leads to confidence and self-respect, which allows you to get more fulfillment out of everything around you. Workouts will not seem like a chore; they will be something you are doing for yourself because you want more out of your life.



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