Why You Need to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

A Comfort zone is where you’re happiest, at peace and ease. But this feeling is only on the surface level. When you dig deeper, you realize you’re in a stagnant state, which makes you feel good due to the familiarity aspect until you know it’s keeping you from seizing growth opportunities.

You might come out of it by taking extreme risks or often putting yourself out there. You might try doing things you’ve been putting on hold for a while because you’re waiting for the right time – which, to be fair, is now.

But, like any transition in life, even this one will take time, and you need to take it slowly. Moving slowly but gradually can be a good way of dealing with this feeling of fear which comes from unfamiliarity and discomfort. Coming out of your comfort zone is a process; you must go through it step by step.

1 .Identify What Scares You: Make a list of things that scare you. Think about the last time you felt the butterflies before trying something new. Try to remember how you went for it and how it felt after taking that risk or learning that skill.

These moments when you feel extreme rush and discomfort set you up for something great in life. Never shy away from grabbing these moments.

Identify the areas of discomfort to create a structure for what you’re planning to achieve. By doing this, you will be able to put yourself in an uncomfortable situation even more and open up to new opportunities for growth.

2. Go Slow, Go Steady: “Do one thing every day that scares you.” – Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.

This is the easiest way to scare your fears by facing them one by one. Start slow, don’t do anything extreme, as you will not like the results. Gradually increase the level of your capability to take risks.

You don’t have to go to a haunted house alone or go skydiving to face your fear. Extreme measures will only lead to disappointment.

Keep asking yourself questions like – when was the last time I did something that scared me? What was the last challenge I faced? How did I deal with something that used to intimidate me?

If you have answers to these questions, you’re on the right path; if not, you need to work harder. Don’t pressure yourself, be consistent at taking risks that help you grow.

3.Practice Self-talk: Sometimes, the power you seek outside rests within you. Find that power and remind yourself every day about it.

Empower yourself with positive thoughts and affirmations. Say ‘I’m fearless’ more often by looking into the mirror. Visualize success, fill yourself with self-love & self-belief, act on your fears with more courage and tick off all those fears from your list that hold you back.

4. Keep Looking for Inspiration: We all have role models who inspire us. You find their stories inspiring because they all faced their fears at some point. They are just normal people like us but what makes them extraordinary is their willingness to rise above their fears.

Know more about their stories and how they dealt with difficulties. Make a plan to face your own, and that’s the first step you’ll take out of your comfort zone.

5.Take a leap of faith: In the end, it all falls back to what you truly believe in, want to achieve and how far you’re willing to go for it.

Maybe something you’re scared to try will become your favorite thing to do in the world once you try it. Let’s say you’re afraid to learn to swim, and the fear of drowning in the water keeps you from even attempting it. Think about all the great things you will feel after trying it, talk with someone good at swimming and just for a few seconds forget the fear and dive into the water. You won’t be the same person after coming out of that pool, take that chance.

Do it for people who look up to you, for people who inspire you and lastly do it for you – you owe it to yourself for always wanting to learn it.

Don’t make an annual plan to tackle your fears, it won’t work. Think of a challenge on a weekly basis. Go for it, and you will be surprised how confident you feel. It takes courage to come out of your comfort zone and face your fears. You have that in you – believe it and go for it.

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