It seems that in large part, the hectic American lifestyle could be to blame for nationwide sleep deprivation. With our busy schedules, and the ever-increasing social forces surrounding us on a daily basis, we seem to be spending less and less time in bed. There never seems to be enough time in a day to get everything we need done, and so we find ourselves rising earlier and going to bed later.

While this might not seem like a big deal for some, the reality of the situation is that your sleeping habits can impact your immune system, memory, outward appearances, performance and weight.

The quality of sleep we get is probably more important than the quantity. Rest consists of two types of slumber: REM sleep includes rapid eye movement and dreaming, while non-REM sleep consists of four stages ranging from light to deep sleep. Each night you pass through 4-6 cycles of REM and non-REM sleep. In these deeper sleep stages, the body restores itself, giving you that refreshed feeling. As we age, we spend less time getting the stage-four kind of rest.


If you want to set your body up for earning the best results possible, making quality sleep a priority in your life is a great place to start. You might be asking yourself, “what can you start doing today to increase your sleep quality?

1. Limit Your Caffeine Intake in the Afternoon
2. Exercise Daily (Preferably NOT Before Bed)
3. Correct Bedroom Temperature. The best temperature for sleeping is between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit.
4. Natural Supplementation
5. Limit Your Screen Time
6. Watch What You Eat

All in all, sleep is an important aspect of your life to allow your body to work effectively.
Whether it’s decreasing how many calories are burned by your body, increasing the hormones that cause you to eat more food, poor recovery, overall fatigue or any of the other negative consequences from poor quality sleep, what can you start doing today to increase your sleep quality?

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