Are Your Hormones Stopping Weight Loss?

Nothing is more frustrating (or demotivating) than putting in hours of work each week in the gym and in the kitchen and not seeing results.

So, why aren’t you seeing results?

It might not be anything that you’re knowingly doing (or not doing, for that matter). Although calories in and calories indeed outplay a very significant role in the success (or failure) of your weight loss journey, however, calories are only part of the equation. Hormones also play a significant role in how efficiently your body loses weight, especially for women.

#1 – Cortisol
Cortisol is the body’s primary stress hormone, released whenever we perceive or encounter a threat. When we are chronically stressed, cortisol remains elevated, and when this happens, it can really interfere with your weight loss efforts.

#2 – Estrogen
Estrogen is the major female sex hormone (though men do have it in low concentrations as well). Estrogen impacts how and where your body stores fat.

#3 – Ghrelin
Ghrelin is the hormone most often associated with hunger. Individuals who carry a lot of excess body fat often present with disrupted ghrelin signaling, meaning their bodies may be telling them they need to eat, when in actuality they have had more than enough to eat.

#4 – Leptin
Leptin is the satiety hormone. Leptin is released by fat cells and instructs the hypothalamus (the region of the brain that dictates hunger/satiety) when you’ve taken in enough energy and thus can stop eating.

#5 Insulin
The best ways to prevent insulin resistance are by limiting intakes of cheap carbohydrates and refined sugar and focusing on consuming complex carbohydrates (fruits, veggies, whole grains), lean proteins, and healthy fats.

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