Weight Loss Vs Fat Loss Difference


Most of us default to the term “weight loss” to describe our goals of toning up or leaning down, but what the majority of what people are looking for is when it comes to their fitness goals is “fat loss.”

So, what is the difference, and is there a difference? The answer is YES. You can lose much weight, but you will not get the toned, lean look that you are looking for if you are losing muscle in the process. Simultaneously, you can quickly not lose “weight” but look strong and lean because you have dropped body fat and gained muscle. When you are on your fitness journey, we want to prevent as much muscle loss as possible while in a calorie deficit. By keeping more muscle mass, you can maintain a higher metabolic rate, which will lead to more significant fat loss in the long run and help you maintain the results.

Most people want to change their body composition, not just lose weight.
By this, I mean gaining muscle, losing fat, or both. It will give the toned, athletic, shapely look that most people envision in their mind when they think of how they want to look. It means the number on the scale should not be the only way you determine the success or lack of success from the effort you put in. To be blunt, the number on the scale means very little. You want to lose fat and maintain your muscle mass.

The muscle is the most metabolic tissue in the body, and protein feeds the muscle. Meaning that when you consume a serving of protein, roughly 20-25 grams of protein or more in a single sitting, you supply your body amino acids to help preserve lean muscle tissue.

It does this by switching the body into an anabolic state, primarily burning carbs and fats for fuel.

The only other state your body can be in is a catabolic state. This state is undesirable for fat loss as in this state. Your body uses more amino acids as fuel and fewer carbs and fats.

Having a serving of protein, roughly 25-30 grams of protein or more in a single sitting, is what switches your body from the catabolic into the anabolic state.

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