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There is something inherently fun about seeing someone happy that it is their moment. Some people may feel uncomfortable in that spotlight, but I bet that most people enjoy being celebrated.

Who does not like birthday parties?

If you do not like presents and cake, something is up.

It is true with many things (Birthday parties just seemed like fun. I am thinking about cake now).

Baby showers, bachelor(ette) parties, and going away parties are fun experiences where the event’s subject gets to find out how much those around them love and care about their success and growth.

However, the thing about parties is that you cannot have one every day, and eventually, you will get sick of the cake. But does that mean that we must stop celebrating people?

I do not think so.

Why does there have to be a big occasion?

People find more minor successes every day, and those should be celebrated too!

Maybe not with cake, but with a pat on the back!

Everybody likes to be congratulated when they do something they are proud of.

Today, many people have an “act like you have been there” mentality regarding success. They may think that by giving someone praise, you tell them their job is done and that they can pack it up and go home.

That is not the case.

Telling someone they are doing great is like adding them to your team, and you want your whole team to be successful because that makes you successful.

Celebrating the small stuff

You do not have to blow a kazoo every time someone ties their shoe, but when someone reaches a milestone in something, why not tell them you are happy for them?

It goes a long way. Lots of research shows that receiving praise is a great way to boost morale and motivation. People are more inclined to continue down their path to success when they hear people notice their work.

The next time you see someone doing well, let them know. If you see someone at the gym set a new personal record, tell them how awesome that is. The celebration does not necessarily have to be an accomplishment, either. If you see someone struggle but make it through and finish what they started, that is cause for celebration.

Let them know that their struggle is inspiring and that people could learn from their perseverance. It goes a long way in motivating that person to keep moving forward.

Reap what you sow

It should not be the only motive, but I would be lying if I said I do not like some additional praise now and then. When you celebrate people, they observe you. It is a cycle, and you get out what you put in. Teamwork is all about helping your team succeed, and when they succeed, you succeed.

Please do not do it exclusively to receive celebration back but know that people are more inclined to notice your accomplishments when you see theirs. Celebration is a two-way street.

Helping people succeed is also calling out fixable flaws when you see them, but that is for a different blog. Celebration is a surefire way to boost the morale and motivation of the people around you.

Also, give them cake sometimes.

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