“Turn Your Struggles into Strengths”

An excerpt from Elevate to Great by Brian Nunez

Tragedy often inspires the biggest shifts in life. You do not often look at the core issues in your life until your heart is broken, and you must look inward to repair it. When you lose someone you love, you learn to value the people in your life even more. We all know there will be tragedies that will happen in life. That is guaranteed! Life is short, and when we understand this reality as more than just cliché, and we really start to live life with a sense of urgency and passion, we start to focus on what matters most. Relationships are a huge part of life. Often, we hold grudges against people, do not communicate enough, or act like a complete jerk, as I regretfully did when I was younger. When tragic things happen to someone important to you, they are final, and nothing else can do. You cannot make that phone call to let that person know how much they mean to you. One of the worst feelings we can live with is the feeling of regret. Our own ego can hold us back from reaching out to people, apologizing, empathizing, or just checking in to see how someone is doing. Ego is usually the one thing that holds people back from achieving any greatness in their lives.

The one thing I will never get back in my life is the chance to tell my stepdad what he meant to me. I will never have that opportunity. Whatever relationship you have in your life needs to be mended. Remember that time is running out. Life is too short of having clear, open, and honest communication with the people who meant the most to you.

Share your emotions with people, and being honest with them allows you to no hold back any good or bad feelings. Make it a point to send daily text and video messages and to make phone calls to the people who mean the most to you. If called your number tomorrow, would everyone in your life know how much they meant to you?

You learn a lot about yourself and your relationships when you start consistently communicating with people. You also learn that life is most fulfilling when you are doing what you are most passionate about and using your unique gifts to help other people.

Game-Changing Moves:

1. What major tragedy in your life has helped shape who you are and how you think today?
2. How can you grow as a leader because of what you learned from and experienced in that tragedy?

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