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Active Recovery: Why it is Important to your goals?

When it comes to seeing results and growth in your body, recovery is one of the most underrated training aspects. When you’re training hard, whether it’s strength or resistance training, you’re breaking down your muscles by causing tears in the tissues during your workout.

More is not better, better is better, and that includes listening to your body and giving it what it needs to repair and rebuild all of the work you’ve put into changing your body.


1.During Your Workout

Intra workout recovery is the lower intensity recovery periods you may take in between bouts of high-intensity interval training or resistance training.

Instead of sitting down, hunching over, or lying on the floor gasping for air, work on calming your breath by slowing pacing back and forth, slowing your heart rate, and introducing oxygen into your lungs and muscles.


2.Post Workout

After your training session, active recovery can serve as your cool down to help lower heart rate, reduce blood lactate levels, flush out built-up lactic acid that causes muscle soreness and calm a hyperactive nervous system.

After 5-10 minutes of low-intensity movement, like a short walk or slow jog, you can proceed to your regular cooldown stretches and foam rolling.

3.Active Recovery Day

Dedicated active recovery days are non-training days where you still engage in physical activity, but it is different from your high-intensity intervals or resistance training workouts.

Active recovery protocols are low intensity, focus on increasing circulation, and typically involve cross-training with light weights or just bodyweight movements to get the blood flowing.

Listen to Your Body

It may help take a reactive approach to your off days from training. If you’re feeling beat up, you may opt for a full-on rest day where you don’t do much more than some light walking. You need to listen to your body.

Remember, if your sleep, nutrition, and stress management is throughout the week, then you may feel up to being a bit more active on your off days from training and thus would take an active recovery day where you are more active all around.


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