Yoga 101

What is yoga?

Yoga is the practice of mind and body, where you discover yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. It needs your body to undergo various physical poses, deep breathing and, most importantly, concentration. Yoga is one of the beautiful ways to relieve stress and attain enlightenment.

Yoga emerged in India about 5000 years ago from the Indus-Sarasvati civilization. As years have passed, it has grown and adapted throughout the world.

It has several benefits.

Adept sleep: Yoga lets your body stretch your muscles, relax and release mental and physical exertion, resulting in better sleep. Some yoga poses that you should practice for better sleep are

-     Alleviate arthritis symptoms: When you exercise regularly, your blood flow increases, giving you a better flexible body and improving your physical strength.

-     Relieve back pain: Yoga releases tension, which is present in your body, and allows your body to stretch and support the spine and back muscles. According to the studies, it takes at least 9 weeks (about 2 months) to provide relief.

-     Enhance and brighten mood: When you stretch your muscles, it allows you to relax and releases the stress hormones in your body. Practicing yoga frequently improves the parasympathetic nervous system’s functioning, which stimulates the beneficial brain chemical called endorphins.

-     Stimulate self-care: Yoga is a perplexing tool for self-care as it promotes awareness about your body and proclaims the genuine needs of your body, allowing your body to develop compassion, love, and kindness, granting yourself to take care of your needs.

Yoga Tips for beginners

It is indispensable for you to do yoga properly with correct poses, as the wrong structure can be extremely dangerous and harmful to your health. It can lead to acute pain and have long-standing effects. Here are some tips for you as a beginner:

1) Search for a quality teacher.

2) Wear something comfortable while doing yoga.

3) Get yourself a non-slippery yoga mat.

4) Don’t compare yourself with others.

5) The slower, the better.

6) Focus more on basic things and set a foundation.

7) Stay hydrated all the time.

8) Your body has a limit; you need to respect that.

9) Maintain regular practice.

10) Eat wholesome and nourishing food.


It is important as well as beneficial to make yoga a part of your life. You can increase the strength and flexibility of your body, giving yourself a better version by reducing your stress and anxiety and balancing your life, just like yoga poses. You deserve to live a healthy and happy life.

There are diverse types and poses of yoga which you can choose according to your body type and goals of your body. People with certain health conditions should see a yoga instructor who can provide them with all the information and tell them which yoga poses are the best for them.

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