How to Forget a Bad Workout

Bad workouts are the worst. Feeling disconnected from your body mentally and physically is discouraging, especially if it’s becoming a current trend.

It happens to everybody inevitably. The key is to forget about it quickly and relax your mind and body.

Here’s how to forget about a bad workout and get back on track for the next one.

Ask yourself what happened

Not every workout will be a good one. Sometimes, you just don’t have the energy, strength, or motivation to do everything with max intensity.

If you find yourself leaving the gym unsatisfied, ask yourself what’s wrong. Maybe you didn’t sleep well, your mind was wandering, or you didn’t eat enough before.

Whatever the answer is to that question, make sure you address it the next time you go to exercise. You want to avoid whatever is holding you back and replace it with the good.

Be happy you worked out

Other people – and maybe even the old you – wouldn’t have pushed through the workout. Give yourself credit for climbing over obstacles and taking one more step toward your goals.

Not every workout is going to be amazing. There are going to be bad ones and good ones. You should focus on that you are strong enough to get through the bad ones.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should be happy if the trend continues down. Use your frustration as motivation to kill it the next time you exercise.

Eat a good meal

We can fix many problems with a nutritious, delicious meal, which is no different. The best way to make sure your body and mind are happy is through healthy eating.

Your body would need some fuel after it works – even if the work didn’t go the way you wanted it to. It will help with your muscle growth and overall health.

It’s also okay to have a little cheat snack – so long as you keep it to the minimum. Sometimes a little treat is a great way to feel better.

Get some rest

Recovery is important if you feel like you’re slipping up. Sleep is vital for energy, muscle growth, and overall health, and it’s where a lot of your muscle growth happens.

If you feel like you really need one, take a day off tomorrow. Plateaus are very real and hard to get over. Sometimes, the best antidote is an added day of rest and recovery.

Get excited about the next one

You will not be held down for long. Revisit the reasons your workout today didn’t go well. Write them down. Then write down possible solutions.

Make a plan to prepare the right way before giving your absolute best effort at your next workout. Before you know it, you’ll be back on track.

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