Love yourself some more

Body positivity enables us to feel ourselves confidently. It’s okay to take some days off or some time for yourself and find ways to show your body some love.

We encourage you to try some of these if they resonate with you. And maybe replace the ones that you disagree with, things that will remind you of your body’s awesomeness when you’re not feeling your absolute bravest.

Show Your Body Some Love

1) Movement is a must

Let’s get you pumped up and moving for that extra sparkle. Take some time out every day to run, walk or weights, or do yoga and breathe to relax your body. If your movement is limited, try some gentle stretches according to your ability, or check out some restorative yoga poses.

2) Aroma Therapy

Pamper yourself with exfoliating body scrubs or therapeutic oils, as these are great for your skin health and create a soothing ambience for your body to relax in.

The scented lotions are satisfying and also moisturize and rejuvenate your skin.

3) It’s time for some bath

Go for some warm baths and let those sore muscles and stressed minds melt away in the steam. To make this experience even more worthwhile, add in a little Epsom salt or bath bombs. This will take you to different scenery, reveling in the calmness with fragrance.

4) Tasty Treats

Indulge in something delicious like smoothies or tasty food that gives you energy and boosts your mood. So go for some comfort to soothe those cravings.

5) Embrace yourself

Your gorgeous body is worth everything, so go bold and start embracing the vanity. You deserve it. Snap a selfie or millions and admire yourself, appreciate the beauty within, look at yourself and become the confident person you are.

6) Soak in some sun

Our body and skin need to get some Vitamin D. Go out during the day and enjoy the sun’s rays, and it can be the perfect body love dose. Be careful of the harmful UV rays, so be mindful and go in the early mornings and show yourself some sunshine.

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